From humble beginnings in 1929 when it had only a handful of players, Netball NSW has grown to become one of the largest independent sports organisations in this state.

Currently with over 113,000 members playing and enjoying netball at all levels of performance in cities, suburbs and country towns in all corners of New South Wales, our sport continues to grow both on and off the court as Netball NSW becomes increasingly successful and professional.

Netball NSW also conducts a range of competitions catering for a variety of skills levels and ages including:

History shows that NSW is one of the most successful netballing states in Australia, claiming countless state titles and producing some of the best players in the country.

From their local club team, to association representative teams, from talent squads and Regional Academies of Sport, talented players are also offered pathways to continue their netball pursuits as they strive to represent New South Wales or even Australia.

Our Mission Statement

Netball NSW will provide to the NSW community sporting leadership and partnership through netball education and training programs, an extensive range of competitions and national success. It will be achieved through professional management and support to all administrative levels involved with the game so that these entities are financially viable.

Our Purpose:

Grow the passion. Inspire communities. Making the difference…everyday!

Our Values

We Are Passionate

We are passionate and caring of our netball family and we embrace the history to create the future. We are motivated and committed to achieving our purpose and will strive to go above and beyond what is expected to create a magical environment of fun, enjoyment and inspiration for all generations to share. Passion is our magic ingredient!

We Are Team

We are working as one team to achieve extraordinary things. We are united to create a high achieving environment by communicating openly and ‘calling it’, contributing as individuals and being adaptable, flexible and accountable for our actions. We are understanding of our roles, responsibilities and decision making authority and are trusting and supportive of our team mates in order to succeed and grow.

Our Integrity Defines Us

We act in an ethically responsible manner, take ownership for our actions and outcomes and leave positive footprints for the future of the organisation. We are honest and treat people with respect at all times

We Will Excel

We strive for excellence to achieve best practice in all areas of our performance and we are pushing the boundaries to evolve the game of netball. We are committed to ongoing growth, through continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do and we work hard to leave a legacy that is greater than when we started.

We Are Connected

We connect with the community by uniting people regardless of ability or location and we provide entertainment experiences for all generations to share. We engage in meaningful conversations, listen to our community and strive for each experience to be professional, positive and inclusive.

Our Strategic Pillars

Strategic PillarDescription
1. FinancialSustainabilityThe ability to create & build significant & sustainable revenue sources which will support active growth, participation and progressive improvement in the netball ‘experience’ across the State
2. Active ‘Grass-Roots’ PlayersBeing meaningful & relevant to more people (men and women) involved in netball in more formats, in more places, more often.
3. Enhanced ProfileDeveloping & promoting strategies to achieve a positive and higher profile for the game across all channels.
4. Growth Structures & PartnershipsEstablishing the right structures, partnerships and networks to future proof our business for the growth to follow. This includes technology, networks, ways to partner with external experts and others.
5. Champion TeamsContinuing to create high performing teams at all levels and across all parts of our business. Champion teams at all levels includes coaches, umpires, management, staff etc.
6. Engagement of Fans & Consumers Continuing to build the ‘BUZZ’ & excitement of the netball ‘experience’ in the market.
7. Leadership & Community StandingRepresenting NNSW at the National level to lead from the front across all programs and initiatives being undertaken so as to further develop and promote the game.Continuing to build on our role & relevance in the communities we operate in and which our members are a part of.