Q: How long is my accreditation valid for?
All levels of the Netball Australia accreditation framework are valid for four years.
Q: My accreditation has expired – what do I do?
Please submit your Coaching Logbook along with a copy of all supporting documentation to [email protected]. Please note that reaccreditation will not be awarded unless supporting documentation has been provided. The process for reaccreditation is processed on a quarterly basis therefore please allow sufficient amount of time to receive confirmation regarding your reaccreditation status.
Q: How do I update my accreditation?
When coaches are newly accredited they receive information regarding the Netball Australia Coaching Update Log Book process. Coaches are required to keep a log book of their practical coaching hours and educational activities. Each level of accreditation requires a different number of points to be obtained within the four year period to meet the updating requirements.
For all updating information and requirements please refer to the Coaching Update Log Book or for more information on the Netball Australia coaching accreditations click here.
Q: Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
If you have any questions please contact Jodi Rosenthal, Netball NSW Coach Development Coordinator on (02) 9951 5028 or [email protected]
Q: Are there courses in a region near me?
To find out when the next coaching courses are running please see the online Calendar. All coaches should abide by the Coaches Codes of Conduct.