Netball NSW is committed to providing equal opportunities to players, coaches, umpires and officials of all abilities. Netball NSW will be working with Associations on becoming inclusive over the coming years, linking with community organisations, disability support groups and government resources.

Our programs aim to:

  • Provide an environment where all participants feel welcome, safe, represented and respected, valued and free from discrimination while being integral in the decision making process
  • Create opportunities for people with disability to become participants or fans of netball through game visitation or sampling and events
  • Eliminate barriers which prevent people with disability participating in netball
  • Use netball as a vehicle to encourage community cohesion and inclusion
  • Establish relationships with key government departments, community organisations and interested others
  • Support and participate in community events
  • Support associations
    • To embrace and engage with people with disability
    • To be culturally aware and embracing of Indigenous protocols
    • To embrace multicultural diversity







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Being welcoming and inclusive, and trying to proactively encourage diversity is what’s perceived as core business in sport now. Most sporting organisations and clubs are looking to develop a safe, fair and inclusive culture, whose membership is a reflection of the community in which they operate. There are many benefits for netball Clubs and Associations to include a broad range of people, these include:

  • Increasing membership– which can add to the financial stability of a club.
  • More players– which can add new levels of competition.
  • More volunteers– from a wider network of community family and friends, adding to the richness and diversity of the environment.
  • More expertisein officiating, coaching and/or administration.
  • Greater social benefitsof forming and maintaining new relationships and bonds.
  • Closer engagementwith the wider community and businesses (and potential sponsors).
  • Good, positive storiesto share with the local media.
  • A fresher, more vibrant organisation– with new people come new ideas, innovation, flexibility and creativity.

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