Each ANZ NetSetGO! centre will receive a free equipment kit. This will assist your centre in running your program effectively. Equipment kits vary according to how many years your centre has delivered the program.

Year 1 Equipment Kit:

Positional Bibs (X2)
Mesh Bibs (X2)
Bean Bags (x15)
Spike Balls (x5)
Skipping Ropes (x5)
Field Markers (x50)
Hoola Hoops (x5)
Mesh Carry Bag (x1)

2nd & 4th Year Equipment Kits:

Size 4 Gilbert netballs (x10)

Year 3 Equipment Kit:

Positional Bibs (X1)
Spike Balls (X3)
Bean Bags (x9)

Skipping Ropes (x2)

Top Up Kit (First Year Centre with > 40 participants):

Positional Bibs (X1)
Mesh Bibs (X1)
Bean Bags (x9)

Spike Balls (x3)
Hoola Hoops (x3)
Field Markers (x25)

**Please note at Netball Australia’s discretion centres will be provided with a replacement start-up kit after the fifth consecutive year of conducting ANZ NetSetGO! and the rotation starts again. Pack type provided to the centre will be determined by Netball Australia based on participant registration numbers and years registered as an ANZ NetSetGO! Centre.    


Participant PackNetSetGo 2015 participation packs

Gilbert Netball
ANZ NetSetGo  t-shirt
Participant Medal