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NetEd Coaches and Umpires on Court Workshops

In 2016 Netball NSW is pleased to offer affiliated Associations the opportunity to host a NetEd Coach and Umpire on court sessions plus the new and exciting Connected Clubs & Communities workshop (CCC workshop).

In support of the existing accreditation frameworks, the three-hour educational workshops are designed for coaches and umpires at beginner level, as well as workshops aimed specifically at development level, or higher.

Netball NSW Volunteer Workforce Manager Dianne Brown is pleased the netball community continue to embrace the workshops for their development.

“The NetEd Coach and Umpire on Court Workshops are a great support structure to the accreditation systems, allowing for coaches and umpires of all levels to attend the workshops, gaining further knowledge and insight into each area of the game”.

“We received some terrific feedback from our netball community after this year’s delivery, and we encourage all our Associations to apply once again in 2016. Programs can be tailored to individual Associations’ needs, making them target specific.

Coaches on Court
The Coaches on Court program consists of nine workshops, five which are open to coaches of all levels and four aimed at development or higher level coaches. Each workshop will explore in depth netball skills, providing coaches with an opportunity to analyse the theory and practical requirements. The workshops will take place in a practical setting allowing for coaches to view activities, coaching behaviours and techniques in real time.

The new and exciting Connected Clubs & Communities workshop (CCC workshop) is a 45 minute workshop, using the Play By The Rules ‘Seven Pillars of Inclusion’ where you will

learn about the simple tips, techniques and resources available to make your netball environment more welcoming to all newcomers to netball.

Umpires on Court
The Umpires on Court program consists of two workshops which will explore the skills required to coach beginner umpires and the simple methods used to test umpires. Associations can apply now to host these workshops in 2016.

Applications for the 2016 NetEd Program are now open. Associations seeking to apply should speak with their Regional Coordinator and complete the 2016 NetEd form.



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