Hall of Fame – Heritage category

The 1969 NSW Netball Association team consisted of ten players: Captain/Coach Nola Green (2008 Hall of Fame), Vice-Captain Carole Sykes (2008 Hall of Fame), Frances Hayes, Nancy Atterton, Carol Trimble, Lorraine Burton, Eileen Jones, Kaye Thomas, Jan Meades, and Vicki Kerr (2014 Hall of Fame inductee).

Their manager was the great Nance Kenny OAM (2011 Hall of Fame), and Umpire Neita Matthews OAM – also 2011 Hall of Fame inductee and our current Netball NSW Patron.

The team was selected from the NSW Netball Association to represent Australia at a Tournament in Singapore to mark their 150th anniversary.

The Tournament was played over five days; from 11 August to 15 August 1969 at the Singapore Netball courts.

There were 15 other countries competing in a range of sports at the tournament, but there was great interest in netball, with Army, Navy and Airforce teams also participating.
Our NSW Team went through the tournament undefeated.

At the Closing Ceremony Nance Kenny was presented with a 150th year Anniversary Memento Of the Pesta Sukan (Festival of Sport).

If we consider the era in which this team travelled and the resources available to our sport, it was truly an outstanding effort to attend the Tournament and compete internationally, let alone to return home without a loss.
Inducted into the Netball NSW Hall of Fame – Heritage in 2016