Updated 2:00pm AEST, Monday 26 September 2016

We’ve created this handy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for our NSW netball community to help keep fans regularly updated with the 2017 National Netball League.

Please refer back to this page for the latest announcements as Netball NSW will continue to update as details are confirmed.

CLICK HERE to view FAQs as a PDF.

Who is GIANTS Netball?

Netball Australia announced in May 2016 that a new Australian only, eight-team national league will commence in February 2017, which is set to be the world’s premier women’s sporting league: the National Netball League.

The new competition will consist of the five current Australian ANZ Championship teams – Adelaide Thunderbirds, Melbourne Vixens, NSW Swifts, Queensland Firebirds and West Coast Fever – plus an additional three new teams.

With confirmation of our successful bid, Netball NSW entered into a strategic alliance with GIANTS AFL in order to bring to life the new NSW-based team; as such, GIANTS Netball was born.

What is a Strategic Alliance?

Owned and operated by Netball NSW, GIANTS Netball sits within the wider GIANTS AFL Family. GIANTS Netball players and coaching staff will receive unprecedented access to their High Performance facilities for Strength & Conditioning purposes, Performance Analysis equipment and expertise, and the use of their state-of-the-art gym in conjunction with Netball Central’s world-class daily training environment.

What will the new League be called?

In May 2016 Netball Australia announced a new Australian-only netball league would replace the ANZ Championship. The new league is yet to be named by Netball Australia – but we can’t wait to share this news with you once announced!

When will team rosters (ie the players) be announced?

On Thursday 22 September while revealing its new team would be called GIANTS Netball, Netball NSW also confirmed the inaugural 10-player roster who will contest the 2017 National Netball League – CLICK HERE for the full announcement.

When are GIANTS Netball Foundation Memberships on sale?

If you wish to receive the latest information and membership details for GIANTS Netball CLICK HERE to register your interest and join the official WAITLIST.

GIANTS Netball Memberships will go on sale in November 2017.  Becoming a Foundation Member of a Club is a great opportunity and we are pleased to advise that waitlisted fans will be provided Membership information as a priority.

What is the best way to find out the latest news on GIANTS Netball?

Register your interest in Team NEW and join our official WAITLIST by CLICKING HERE. You can also visit which is growing day by day in the run up to Season 2017, and visit

When will the 2017 NNL Fixture be announced?

Netball Australia is working collaboratively with all key stakeholders to finalise the draw.  The times of games and days of the week on which they will be played will be available to fans once the draw is completed.

Netball NSW will communicate this news, and any other 2017 National Netball League announcements, to our GIANTS Netball Waitlist as a priority.

We do know that the season will start in February 2017, which means we don’t have long until it begins!

Who is the Head Coach of GIANTS Netball?

Julie Fitzgerald, one of the most well-credentialed and successful coaches in the sport, has returned home to NSW to lead the team.  CLICK HERE to read the full news article.

Where will GIANTS Netball games be played?

Whilst the 2017 Fixture is yet to be announced, Sydney Olympic Park venues will host at least five (5) home games for Team NEW with a further two (2) games ear-marked for the Australian Capital Territory. These two (2) matches will align with the Club’s plans to connect further with Netball ACT, local communities and the wider ACT netball family.

Who will broadcast the National Netball League in 2017?

On Wednesday 20 May 2016, Netball Australia announced an exciting five-year deal with Channel Nine and Telstra to broadcast matches – CLICK HERE to read the full news article.

Where can I find further information about the league?

Netball Australia owns and operates the new National Netball League; a great place to start is their website –

Which teams will compete in the New Netball League?

The National Netball League will feature eight (8) teams, including the five (5) 2016 Australian ANZ Championship teams – Adelaide Thunderbirds, Melbourne Vixens, NSW Swifts, QLD Firebirds and West Coast Fever – plus the addition of three new licensees; Collingwood Football Club, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club and Netball NSW, which was announced in May 2016.

Why did Netball NSW bid to own two teams in the new competition?

Netball NSW felt it was important to grasp this opportunity on behalf of our 116,000 registered members. Interest in NSW netball is at an all-time high, with Netball NSW seeing record registration numbers at grassroots level, and we have strong, healthy representation at an elite level.

When you pair all of this with the popularity of the NSW Swifts, who have celebrated sell-out Memberships and crowds in 2016, it paints a clear picture of the amazing interest netball has in NSW right now.  Netball is the premier female sport in Australia and the Club is delighted to be part of a significant growth period of the game, and with 25 percent of the new competition based in NSW (two out of eight completing teams), Netball NSW is very proud to play a big role in the next evolution of Australian netball. 

What does the new import rule for international players mean?

In previous competitions, there has been a cap on the number of international players which could be registered with each team in the national or trans-Tasman competition.  Netball Australia announced that there will be unlimited international imports for the new National Netball League.  CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Still have an unanswered question regarding GIANTS Netball and the 2017 National Netball League?

Send your questions to Netball NSW via – your question/s might help other fans who are thinking the same thing!

Terminologies used above;

  • National Netball League – new, Australian-only competition which is owned by Netball Australia
  • Team NEW – temporary working title for the new Netball NSW owned team to compete in the National Netball League
  • Licensees – the organisations identified by Netball Australia as the new owners and operators of the three new Clubs to compete in the National Netball League. After an extensive Expression of Interest process, Netball Australia identified the organisations preferred to own the sides.