In 2017 there will be a number of changes regarding NetSetGO, outlined below are important changes NetSetGO Centres will need to be aware of.

Creating a Centre

As per the annual process, all Centres must re-apply to be a NetSetGO Centre via MyNetball for 2017. As part of this process all 2016 Centres will be deactivated. Once a Club has submitted their online registration, their status on MyNetball will remain as ‘pending’ until it has been approved by Netball NSW.

Once approved, an automated confirmation email will be sent to the NetSetGO Centre Coordinator. Approval also means that their Centre information will become active on the NetSetGO Centre Search Finder website and participants can start to self-enroll for 2017.

Registration open date

Netball NSW will activate the registration period for 2017 on October 4 2016. From this date, should they wish, Associations/Clubs can begin their enrolments for the 2017 season. Associations will need to ensure that their 2017 registration period is active before Centres are able to begin the enrolment process.

Registration process

In 2017 NetSetGO enrolments will be online (participant self-enrolment) and set up via the NetSetGO Centre Registration page on MyNetball (as per 2016 process). In order for Centres to continue capturing late registrations and allow for packs to be delivered, Netball NSW strongly encourages Associations to leave their registration period open for the duration of the year. Centres will not be able to enroll any participants once the Association close date is reached, unless this is reopened.

Pin Payment Gateway Activation

The MyNetball Payment Service is an option available to all NetSetGO Centres. This enables centres to provide an online credit card payment option, to compliment the online participant enrolment process. The MyNetball Payment Service must be set up prior to allowing online payments with online enrolments. Please allow 10-14 working days for the service to be set up.

The standard transaction fee across all transactions is currently 1.75% + 30c per person. If your association or club is yet to set up or apply for a payment portal, please ensure this is completed as soon as possible.

To set up the MyNetball Payment Service for your NetSetGO Centre, visit the below link and complete the online form Associations will have the ability to set up a tiered registration type pricing structure in MyNetball resulting in more accurate financial tracking and reporting.

Pack delivery and distribution

In 2017, participant packs will be delivered directly to each participants’ nominated address from the distribution company (TPF). Each participant will be allocated a unique tracking number and can track their delivery through the TPF website. Participants will be required to liaise directly with TPF with regards to any pack queries or issues.

Packs will be distributed to participants approximately 14 days after they have successfully enrolled online.

Netball Australia have confirmed that in 2017 packs will include a size 4 netball and t-shirt.

NetSetGO MyNetball manual and coaching resources

Netball Australia is in the process of updating all NetSetGO Collateral and Resources for 2017. Once the final documentation has been released Netball NSW will distribute accordingly.

Additional Information

Approximate Netball NSW fees for 2017 (including NetSetGO) will be communicated to Association Secretaries following the Board Meeting on Tuesday 20th September 2016 as a Memo. Please note that these figures will be approximate fees and Membership Fees for 2017 will be confirmed following the November 2016 Council Meeting.

Netball Australia are yet to confirm a number of minor system changes which will allow Centres additional control over their program set up and enable program changes throughout the year. Netball NSW will provide these updates to Associations/Centres through email correspondence once they have been tested by Netball Australia/Netball NSW.

Netball Australia are continually developing MyNetball, so if you experience any issues please contact the Netball NSW Association, Membership & Database Administrator Karen Szczerbanik at Netball Central on (02) 9951 5000 or for assistance.