Sydney Netball Academy Athletes selected for Phase II

The following athletes have been selected for Phase Two of the selection process for Sydney Netball Academy.

Phase 2 Trials will be held on Saturday November 11 from 8.00AM – 2.00PM.

First Name Surname Association
Lara Alama St George
Madeleine Argy City of Sydney
Madeline Baker Sutherland Shire
Jesse Barnes Manly Warringah
Jodi Berman Inner Western Suburbs
Hayley Biddulph Manly Warringah
Jenny Bitas Blacktown City
Caitlin Blandford Ku-Ring-Gai
Gerogia Brito Sutherland Shire
Maisie Chandler Randwick
Gabriella Chippeck Northern Suburbs
Sophie Collier Randwick
Alannah Coluccio Sutherland Shire
Laura Cook Hills District
Tamzyn Crowther Sutherland
Ella Daniel Ku-Ring-Gai
Ruhani Dhillon Hills District
Sophie Dixon Ku-Ring-Gai
Sophia Duddle Hills District
Kiialia Duff Manly Warringah
Lily Eales Northern Suburbs
Ashlie Edwards Manly Warringah
Eloise Egan Hills District
Paige Etherington Manly Warringah
Ebony Fils-Aime Inner Western Suburbs
Tahlia Finau Sutherland Shire
Tessa Finch St George
Ashley Finegan Randwick
Heidi Finlayson Northern Suburbs
Demi Fittler Manly Warringah
Sophie Fox Northern Suburbs
Samantha Gately Northern Suburbs
Grace Gillies Northern Suburbs
Skye Gosby Sutherland Shire
Emma Greene Northern Suburbs
Sally Guthrie Ku-Ring-Gai
Meagan Hamilton Inner Western Suburbs
Lily Harrop Manly Warringah
Matilda Hay Randwick
Ainsley Hermann Baulkham Hills
Laura Hickey Sutherland Shire
Emma Higgins Randwick
Leah Howarth Randwick
Lilian Huntley Ku-Ring-Gai
Ella Johnson Ku-Ring-Gai
Bianca Jom Northern Suburbs
Yasmine Kell Sutherland Shire
Amelia Kirgan Bankstown City
Georgia Lafford Hills District
Wanita Leatherby Manly Warringah
Claudia Lenehan Northern Suburbs
Tallulah Lewis Manly Warringah
Baylee Liddell Randwick
Beth Lister Eastwood Ryde
Audry Little Manly Warringah
Wren Lockhart Manly Warringah
Abbey Lowe Ku-Ring-Gai
Chelsea Mann Manly Warringah
Lucy Matthews Northern Suburbs
Molly-Rose McArthur Ku-Ring-Gai
Youngor McGill Bankstown City
Charlotte McGill Randwick
Genevieve McKeown Hills District
Sophie McLachlan Inner Western Suburbs
Ashlen Morelli Northern Suburbs
Whitney Mueller Northern Suburbs
Caitlin Mulquiney Manly Warringah
Ella Nelson Ku-Ring-Gai
Brooke Niccol Hills District
Sasha Oaten Ku-Ring-Gai
Amy Oaten Ku-Ring-Gai
Erin O’Brien Hills District
Margaret O’Reilly Inner Western Suburbs
Maliyah Osbaldiston Sutherland Shire
Vivienne Paduch Manly Warringah
Milla Papallo Manly Warringah
Brooke Paterson Randwick
Claudia Perry Northern Suburbs
Claudia Petrie Ku-Ring-Gai
Madeline Playford Ku-Ring-Gai
Angela Puric Eastwood Ryde
Chelsea Quinn Eastwood Ryde
Millie Roach Ku-ring-gai
Lily Roddick Manly Warringah
Raina Rush Liverpool City
Sophia Satalic Northern Suburbs
Lara Sciberras Randwick
Abby Seamons Hills District
Georgia Singleton Manly Warringah
Charlotte Smith Sutherland Shire
Latisha Smythe Inner Western Suburbs
Emma Sutton Manly Warringah
Deamma Taganesia Sutherland
Talani Tombs Manly Warringah
Madison Wade Manly Warringah
Laura Watkins Ku-Ring-Gai
Lucinda Williams Sutherland Shire
Emily Wise Manly Warringah
Ella Woodhill Hills District
Lara Woollett Hills District