Fullagar and Long honoured

Netball NSW would like to congratulate both Kath Fullagar and Barbara Long who received the prestigious Order of Australia (OAM) for service to netball after being named in the Australia Day 2014 Honours List.

Netball NSW President Wendy Archer AM was full of admiration and praise for these two women after the announcement today.

“The honour bestowed upon both Kath and Barbara is acknowledgment for the decades of dedication to the sport of netball, and their shared quest to help others reach their own potential,” Archer said.

“Both women are widely admired and respected for their significant contribution to the development of our sport, not just to their own Clubs and Associations, but the wider netballing community.

“The time that these women have given to the sport over such a long period of time is invaluable to an organisation like ours.

“On behalf of Netball NSW and those we represent, I would like to thank and congratulate both Kath and Barbara on receiving this prestigious and well deserved accolade,” concluded Archer.

Kath Fullagar
Kath Fullagar has made a significant contribution to the sport of netball at school, club, district, state and national level since she first picked up a ball in 1949.

Kath has been a member of Birrong Sports Club since 1969, and in addition to coaching, held the positions of Umpires’ Convenor, Treasurer, Secretary and President. In 1982 Kath was awarded Life Membership of Birrong Sports Club.

In 1972 Kath became Bankstown City Netball Associations’ Umpire Convenor with a vision to strengthen the umpire pool within the Association. The statistics show that she was prolific in producing 6 A Badged umpires, 24 B Badged umpires and 137 C Badged umpires – a total of 167 umpires attaining their badge. Kath was awarded Life Membership of Bankstown City Netball Association in 1982.

She continued as a Bankstown City Netball Association Representative Coach and Umpires Convenor until 1983 when she became Secretary to the Association in 1984. She returned as Umpire’s Convenor in 1998-1999 and then became the Publicity Officer for the Bankstown City Netball Association and held this position for four years.

Kath also contributed greatly to the sport at NSW level as Assistant Secretary of NSW Netball Association Executive (1984-1993).

In 2007, Kath received Netball NSW Life Membership in recognition of her dedication to the State body, and was awarded the Anne Clarke Service Award in 1998 for her contribution to the sport.

“Kath is just one of those loved people within netball where nothing was ever too much trouble,” explained Wendy Archer.

“If she was able to help you, she would in whatever capacity she possibly could. Always there with a positive word for people, and it didn’t matter what level you were operating at, she was able to have empathy with that particular group of people.

“Kath is one of those women who set a platform in her own District so that they could develop and prosper, as well as bringing those skills into the NSW arena.

“Volunteers are the backbone of our sport, particularly at the grassroots level, and without the passion and commitment of people such as Kath, netball in NSW wouldn’t be as strong as it is today,” concluded Archer.

Barbara Long
Barbara Long’s contribution to the sport of netball in NSW spans seven decades, from her days as a young netballer in the mid 1940’s, to her involvement throughout District Association and State level organisations.

In 1965, Barbara formed the Southern District Sports Association Women’s Basketball for youth club, followed by the Southern District Women’s Basketball Association the following year. This Association would later be known as Liverpool City Netball Association, of which Barbara was the Foundation President for 18 years from 1968 – 1985.

Her commitment to Liverpool City extended well beyond the Committee Room, as Barbara coached both Liverpool City Representative teams (1965-1980) and Liverpool City State League Team (1996-98), and was a member of the Selection Committee (1965-1980).

Barbara also managed (1966-68) and coached at junior State (1970-73 and 1981-1986), senior State (1974) and night State level (1974). She was also a Netball NSW Selector for 15 years (1973-1988) and was Netball NSW Junior Vice President in 1976.

In 1982, Barbara received Netball NSW Life Membership in recognition of her dedication to the State body, and in November 2013, was inducted into the Netball NSW Hall of Fame.

“Barbara is from that era of women who really set a strong platform for netball in NSW to jump off and be moving along the path as we are today,” said Wendy Archer.

“She had a very close association with Anne Clark, and was instrumental in setting up the Liverpool Netball Association which is going great guns these days.

“As a volunteer, Barbara was a woman that just gave and gave and gave of herself in whatever capacity people needed her assistance with, and at the NSW level was very strong in a number of areas, coaching and selection in particular.

“Barbara’s standing within our community and the regard people have for her was further highlighted when she was inducted into the Netball NSW Hall of Fame last November. There was a palpable feeling of warmth in the room and the acknowledgement of her contribution was just very very special to see,” concluded Archer.

On behalf of everyone associated with the sport of netball, past or present, Netball NSW would like to congratulate both Kath and Barbara on their much deserved honours.