Walking Netball

Walking Netball: Come and Try Days

Walking Netball: Come and Try Days Over 500 people participated in the NNSW 6-week Walking Netball programs rolled out across the state in November/December last year and now Walking Netballmore

Walking Netball for all the family

Netball NSW’s extraordinary Walking Netball eight-week pilot program is making dreams come true for participants. New participants who are not able to play the traditional netball game are relishing themore

Play Walking Netball Today

One of the best things about the Walking Netball eight-week program is that participants can join in at any stage throughout the program in order to enjoy the benefits ofmore

Play Walking Netball

There are so many great reasons to play Walking Netball! Walking Netball provides a fun, safe environment and encourages adults to have a more gradual introduction to physical activity by regainingmore

Sign up for Walking Netball

Netball New South Wales (NSW) is excited to announce the official launch of the Walking Netball website with multiple NSW Associations to begin the eight week walking netball exercise classesmore