Coaches gather for unique workshop

An event similar to the alignment of the planets occurred over the weekend of the 2015 Summer Shootout with all 10 ANZ Championship coaches in one room for the same objective.

Netball NSW held a unique edition of the Insiders Series on Saturday evening, 7 February, which saw all Australian and New Zealand franchise coaches attending a workshop for the very first time.

Facilitated by former West Coast Fever Head Coach-turned-commentator Sue Gaudion, NSW coaches were able to get to know more about the best in the business; from their favourite song or where they grew up, to what it takes to create a champion team and their very own coaching philosophies.

Netball NSW Coach Development Coordinator Dianne Brown said it was a fantastic coup for the organisation to secure all 10 Head Coaches for the event, giving participants an insight into their experience and background.

“It was a fantastic night which saw so many like-minded people getting together and discussing netball, and Sue did a wonderful job in overseeing the evening,” Brown said.

“All the coaches were very generous with their time and it was also terrific to have Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander sit on the panel.  We had a great mix of coaches, from Foundation [level] to High Performance, attend the evening and they were given the chance to finally ask some of those burning questions of an ANZ Championship coach.

“Not only were the coaches very forthright in their coaching philosophies and experience, but participants were given a little insight into the person behind the coach which I thought was really interesting.  The coaches were also very helpful in passing on some tips, which I hope our audience were able to gain a lot from.

“It was a great evening, one that won’t be repeated regularly, as it was a rare opportunity to have all the coaches in one place, at one time.  But I’ve had some wonderful feedback from those who attended which is great to hear, and I’d like to thank all the coaches who so generously gave their time,” Brown concluded.

There will be a rolling schedule of Insiders Series throughout the 2015 ANZ Championship; for more information stay tuned to or sign up to the Contact newsletter to hear first!

Take a look at the Coaching calendar for other upcoming courses, and for more information on coaching workshops and courses, contact Dianne Brown on (02) 9951 5000 during business hours or email