NSW Coaching numbers continue to impress

While there are still six weeks remaining in 2015, the Netball NSW State Dinner over the weekend provided our community with an opportunity to celebrate the individual and collective achievements that have been reached over the last 12 months.

Netball NSW would like to continue to highlight those achievements by celebrating the efforts of the Sports Development team in assisting NSW Coaches, Umpires and Bench Officials in their development pathways.

Today we shine a light on our Coaches, with a record number of Accreditations that have been achieved so far; and with still three courses to be presented before the year is out.

In total, 1,364 coaches have achieved five of the six available Coach Accreditation Levels, which were first introduced by Netball Australia in 2008; Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advance, Elite and High Performance.

As highlighted in October, NSW Swifts Assistant Coach Megan Anderson became the first NSW coach to be awarded her Elite Accreditation since the new six-step Accreditation Pathway was announced.

While Foundation coaches made up almost 80 percent of the total Accreditations achieved in 2015, the most significant mover in the group was the number of Intermediate Accreditations with an incredible 61 percent increase on 2014 numbers.

“This year we’ve seen an incredible uptake in NSW’s coaching numbers, which is in part due to the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 plus the multitudes of workshops and courses which Netball NSW and NSW Associations have presented throughout the last 12 months,” Netball NSW Volunteer Workforce Manager Dianne Brown said.

“Our challenge now is to improve our transition numbers from one level to the next; at the moment it’s been relatively steady year-on-year, so we want to ensure we continue working with the NSW coaching community in encouraging them to continue their development pathway.

“For 2016 and beyond, our goal is to ensure every community in NSW has access to the courses and workshops necessary in order to continue that growth of coaches making the steady transition from one Accreditation level to the next, starting with the popular NetED programs.

“With the introduction of the Netball NSW Premier League in 2016, I think we will see an increased trend in coaches seeking their Advance Accreditation. However with the introduction of the online Coaching Blueprint eLearning system, more people than ever – even in the most remote communities – will have access to the tools needed to begin their coaching pathway,” Brown concluded.

For more information on Coach Accreditations, courses and workshops, visit the Coaching page on our website or contact Netball NSW Coaching Coordinator Kezia Okulicz or (02) 9951 5000 during business hours or email kokulicz@netballnsw.com.

Coaching Accreditations – Netball NSW
2014 2015* Difference / %
Foundation 848 1,066 + 218 / 26%
Development 159 197 + 38 / 24%
Intermediate 51 82 +31 / 61%
Advance 15 18 + 3 / 20%
Elite 1 + 1 / 100%
High Performance
TOTAL 1,074 1,364 + 290 / 27%

*as at Wednesday 18 November