NSW State defenders inspired by Silver Fern great Yvonne Willering

A group of 2016 Netball NSW State Team players were put through their paces at an exclusive training session by legendary netball coach Yvonne Willering.

The former Silver Fern coach and player took the athletes from the 17/U, 19/U and 21/U teams through some skills, focussing on space marking.to players s.

“I enjoy coming across to Australia and training players because they are prepared to learn, everything they do they try with intensity and they are very open to new ideas as well and I guess that’s an age group thing,” Willering said.

“These girls are not in a comfort zone yet, they are in a growth phase where they want to learn everything and they are picking up ideas really quickly.”

“I don’t expect them to take it all on board, but if they come up against opposition that does some of these aspects (that I’ve shown them) then they will know what it’s about.”

The three-hour training session was a fantastic opportunity and experience for the NSW representatives, particularly for the NSW 21/U players who will face some tough competition in the coming weeks at the 21/U National Netball Championship.

For two 21/U defenders, Kara Styles and Toni Anderson, Willering’s training session provided some valuable lessons heading into Nationals from 7-14 March.

“It was a really cool experience, Yvonne has a very different perspective on everything we do and she definitely made us think about the things that we do naturally and it was good to have a bit of a think before Nationals which is coming up,” Styles said.

2015 19/U Nationals MVP Anderson agreed.

“We definitely want to try and take back everything we learnt from Yvonne to the 21U Nationals that’s coming up in just two weeks’ time, there are quite a few tricks and things that we learnt that we really want to try out again at training and hopefully at Nationals,” Anderson said.

The pair are satisfied that preparations are progressing nicely ahead of the Championships in Tasmania.

“We have all worked together for a couple of years now and for most of us we have been in a team together, so we already know each other so we are quite lucky in the sense  that we bond really well and because we are all friends, we get along so well which helps our game a lot,” Anderson said.