Tales from Netball World Cup: High Performance Workshop

For all coaches, players and netball enthusiasts, this High Performance Coaches Workshop showcased the ‘cream of the crop’ in netball royalty with former international coaches sharing their secret in tactics, skills and drills to an audience of aspiring coaches.

The main focus: encourage your players to think outside the box. Introduce them to new drills and game plans, broaden their understanding of the game and drop old habits in order to get the most out of their players.

The clinic ran over two days focusing on every element of the game. Attackers, defenders, midcourt…no stone was left unturned. With the help of young netballers demonstrating the drills, the audience were able to have their questions answered directly from the people who know the game best.

An essential element for growing a team is to encourage coaches to develop new drills at training that reflect an actual game scenario.

Former New Zealand coach Yvonne Willering, who coached the Silver Ferns in 1986 for a decade, emphasised the need for coaches to “sift through their players and find the ones who want to grow and get the most out of them”.

Yvonne paid special attention to the defensive side of the game (a former defender herself) and discussed the importance of an intercept.

A standout moment for all was when Yvonne said “an intercept is not a gift, you have to work for it”. A quote so powerful, reaffirming the need for coaches to instil new methods of defence for their players.

Former Australian coach Jill McIntosh, who represented Australia for eight years including the 1983 World Championships in Singapore, placed a strong focus on wing attacks and feeders into the ring.

She opened with the question “Where have our attackers gone?”  A question so simple yet challenging prompting immediate discussion for the need to encourage and train wing attackers to transition into goal attack to be more versatile.

For participants the workshop was an amazing opportunity to learn from greats of the game on the backdrop of the sport’s pinnacle event, the World Cup.

Mary from Sydney said “The clinic opened her eyes to new tactics and drills to introduce to her players, specifically in the midcourt”.

Steven from Fiji said “For so long I have been looking for new ways of getting more out of my goal shooter who just like to shoot goals. Now I have learnt new drills to teach my players to go for the rebound and then turn into defensive mode immediately”.

Article courtesy of Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015; www.nwc2015.com.au