Active Kids Voucher II

The NSW Office of Sport has announced that as of 1 July 2019, families will be eligible for a second $100 Active Kids voucher for each school-enrolled child.

The aim is to encourage children to play sport year-round and to further ease the cost of living for NSW families.

The two $100 vouchers can be used by every school-age child towards the costs of sports registration, membership expenses and fees. The two vouchers cannot be combined to pay for a single program costing more than $100, however, they can be used with the one provider to help pay the cost of two separate terms of a sport such as the winter and summer netball season.

How can Clubs/Associations help?

Is your Club or Association a registered Active Kids provider? Apply to be a provider with Service NSW and you’ll receive approved provider materials and marketing support – APPLY HERE

For further information about becoming a provider head CLICK HERE

How to make it work for your Club

Netball Associations and Clubs are encouraged to think about how they can make the most of this opportunity provided by the NSW Government.

Participants could use this voucher to help the cost of a second competition for the year or a second NetSetGo program during terms 3 and 4 if they provide this program. Netball NSW is once again offering a 30% discount for Summer Registrations where play is starting after 1 September 2019. More information on summer registrations will be provided in the coming weeks.

If your Club or Associations is planning a summer netball competition or term 3/4 NetSetGO programs, please register below to receive marketing support to help drive registrations with the Active Kids Voucher.

Active Kids Voucher II Assistance

Active Kids Voucher II Assistance