Finish With The Right Stuff and refuel like Hadley

What food does Finish with the Right Stuff Ambassador and NSW Swifts player Paige Hadley fuel her body with on game day?

“On game day I make sure I am well hydrated – drinking lots of water before and during the game,” she says.

“I love eating pasta before my game and having a fruit smoothie as a pre-game snack.”

Now the NSW Government has a brilliant way to help Associations educated their your netballers on the best way to refuel after playing:

What can your Association do?

Want your teams to run on the right stuff?

Sign your association up HERE for Finish with the Right Stuff, a FREE program funded by NSW Health!

About Finish With The Right Stuff

Kids need the right fuel to stay healthy and perform at their best.

After the game is over, all their hard work can be undone by loading up on ‘occasional’ food choices at the canteen. It’s important that sports canteens offer the right stuff for kids to finish the game strong. This gives their body the best chance of recovering and powering throughout the day.

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is a free NSW Health initiative that is delivered to junior sports clubs to promote water as the preferred drink and support healthy food options for children and patrons.

The program understands that changes should have little prep time and not risk club profitability.