Finish with the Right Stuff Partnership Continues

Netball NSW has once again joined forces with NSW Health to bring the Finish with the Right Stuff program to associations across the state. The program encourages kids to drink water and choose healthy food options during game days and training.

Netball NSW star, Paige Hadley, is once again on-board as a Finish with the Right Stuff Ambassador, making it her second year with the program.

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is part of the NSW Government’s plan for improving the general health and wellbeing of children. Clubs who join the program receive free support and resources to promote water and encourage their players to run on the ‘right stuff’.

“We have always encouraged our representative teams to finish with the right stuff, like water and stuff like that. But we never actually promoted [these messages] to our normal Saturday girls that play competitions every week. So we thought [Finish with the Right Stuff] would be the perfect opportunity to actually start promoting something for them.” said a Canteen Manager at Charlestown Netball Association.

“We found that with schools introducing healthier canteens, [Finish with the Right Stuff] is just a natural flow on effect for our sport.

“[Our community] have really appreciated it… They have enjoyed having the variety of food that we got and the healthier options. And they don’t have to fight the kids because [lollies] are not there to sell… and things like fruit salad is.”

Over 50 Netball associations have participated in Finish with the Right Stuff, supporting their players to fuel their bodies with water and healthy food during sport.

“With the right fuel, kids stay healthy and perform their best. Through Finish with the Right Stuff, NSW Health has supported over 320 junior sports clubs to encourage children to choose water and make healthy food options available” said Dr Jo Mitchell, Executive Director, Centre for Population Health.

Get involved

For more information and resources visit the Finish with the Right Stuff website and register your clubs’ interest today!