One Netball Award Winner Recognised

The Australian Post One Netball awards this year have recognised a Lisa McGee from North Bomaderry Netball Club. Lisa has made huge effort to make sure children with special learning needs and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can play netball.

Lisa, a volunteer with the North Bomaderry Netball Club, was one of eight winners in the of Australia Post One Netball Community awards. She has been recognised for her dedication in creating a diverse and inclusive netball environment.

Lisa, in front a huge crowd of people on Saturday at The Park Road Netball Courts, received her award from netball star Bec Bulley (Giants).

Lisa was a humble award winner. “The recognition from winning an Australia Post One Netball Community Award is such a privilege for something that bringsme personal fulfilment,” Lisa said.

Lisa, after volunteering to coach a young local player Olivia who has ASD, devised a plan to enrol Olivia as a ‘training partner’ allowing her to observe games and volunteer to join in when she chose. The award winner, to facilitate her participation, limited Olivia’s positioning on the court to minimise the effects of peripheral and sensory distractions related to her ASD. Lisa has fostered an environment where all players share the court, the ball without reservations and is an advocate within the club for players of all abilities.

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Story credit: South Coast Register