Statement from the Netball NSW Board of Directors

There has been a great deal of media attention around the Netball Australia Annual General Meeting (AGM) held last week. Netball NSW would like to provide the following information to our members and stakeholders.

  • Netball NSW values and respects their Membership of Netball Australia as one of the eight Member Organisations (MO).
  • The AGM of Netball Australia is an important aspect of this membership and Netball NSW views all decisions relating to any business of affiliation with Netball Australia as equally important.
  • The Netball NSW Board of Directors conduct a robust process ahead of any Netball Australia AGM, which includes interviewing all Netball Australia Board nominees before making any decisions around preferred candidates. This is a process that has been undertaken for many years.
  • All decisions made by Directors of the Netball NSW Board are made without personal or personality influences.
  • Any questions asked of Netball Australia were about the whole of sport, not just Suncorp Super Netball, to clarify any areas of misunderstanding.

In addition to this information, Netball NSW would also like to make the following points:

  • Netball NSW continues to remain a strong advocate for Suncorp Super Netball.
  • Netball NSW solely owns and operates both NSW based clubs in the new Australian-only league, the NSW Swifts and GIANTS Netball.
  • At no time was there any discussion or thought that the Suncorp Super Netball League players’ salary or conditions would be altered in anyway or at risk of being altered. We are staunch supporters of our athletes and we hope, along with Netball Australia and the other MOs, to deliver the first, fully professional female sporting competition in the near future.

The Directors of Netball NSW are looking forward to continuing our work with the Netball Australia Board and newly appointed CEO, Marne Fechner, to grow and develop the sport of Netball across the country.

Wendy Archer AM
Netball NSW President
on behalf of the Netball NSW Board of Directors