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Competitions Framework – State Competitions Rules Draft

Following the adoption of the Competitions Framework by the Netball NSW Board of Directors, a review of the rules governing these competitions has been completed.

The draft Competition Rules for the State Titles can be viewed below.

The Competitions Framework (adopted by the Board of Netball NSW) is available to view here >> Competitions Framework


What will the cost of the Competitions be?

In 2019 Competition costs will remain in line with current competition costs. Competition costs for the ensuing year will be announced at the November Council Meeting each year.

What are the rules for the proposed competitions?

Final rules are still to be finalised. The rules of each Competition will mostly remain the same as the current competition rules, with some minor revisions to bring them in line with the proposed format.

When will the rules be published?

Finals Rules will be published no later than July 2018.

When will the final decision be announced in relation to 2019 Competitions?

An announcement will be made no later than the end of April on the final format for 2019 Competitions.

When will Venues for 2019 be known?

We are currently liaising with Associations on hosting in 2019. We endeavour to announce 2019 Venues at the March 2018 Council Meeting.

Will the dates of Competitions change?

The dates of the Competitions will remain the same, with the exception of State Masters, that will move from its current May date to a weekend in October.

Can an Association enter more than one team per Age Category?

All Associations will only be eligible to enter one team per Age Category.

State Masters – will Fast5 become an option for Social Masters division?

Fast5 will be considered as a Division for State Masters.

State Masters, Social Division - if a team is not affiliated with an Association, how will they register and be covered by insurance?

Teams wishing to play in the Social Division of State Masters who are not affiliated with an Association are eligible to enter a team. Players will need to ensure they are registered with Netball NSW to play in the Competition. Registrations can be processed by contacting a Club or Association directly.

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Competitions Framework Review

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