Two titles in exciting night for Inner West

Inner Western Suburbs have celebrated an exciting opening night for DOOLEYS Metro League Grand Finals week, claiming both the Division 3 and Division 4 titles at Genea Netball Centre.

A massive opening quarter lead to their Division 3 side defeating Central Coast by 10 goals (49-39), while Inner West’s Division 4 team withheld a strong second-half challenge from Liverpool City to finish 44-38 victors.

See how each game played out below, and get ready for Divisions 5 and 6 Grand Final action TONIGHT from 6.45pm at Genea Netball Centre – SECURE YOUR SEATS HERE.


GRAND FINAL: Inner Western Suburbs 49 d Central Coast 39

Posting an enormous 15-4 opening quarter helped set up Inner West to be crowned 2017 Champions, with opponents Central Coast unable to fully recover despite their best efforts.

Scoring the opening goal, Inner West quickly established the tone of the game to take control of play early. Central Coast were startled with their defence unable to repel the consistent ball coming into Inner West’s attacking third. As the game approached the first break the teams began to even out; however Inner West had already jumped out to a double digit lead.

Staring at a large deficit early in the game, Central Coast would have been forgiven for being overwhelmed. But credit to the side who used the break to regather their composure, coming out with vengeance for the second quarter.

Goal Attack Isabella De Vivo led the charge, shouldering much of the shooting responsibility while her shooting partner Rachelle Sinclair tried to draw the defence to create room. By halfway through the quarter Central Coast had pulled the deficit back to within 10 goals, but it was as close as Inner West would allow them; their half-time lead 24-12.

With newfound confidence Central Coast started the second half strongly by putting up four of the opening six goals. This was aided by a strong defensive pressure which successfully slowed down Inner West’s transitional play, allowing for turnover opportunities. However Inner West couldn’t be contained for long, with goal shooter Terri Slater five unanswered goals to allow her side to regain control.

In the final five minutes of the game both teams looked like they were not stopping any time soon, with multiple turnovers. While De Vivo continued to be a strong target for Central Coast (finishing the final 15 minutes with nine goals from as many attempts), it was Slater who had the greatest impact, scoring eight of the final 15 goals of the game to steer Inner West to the Premiership title.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
INNER WEST | Q1: 15 – Q2: 24 (9) – Q3: 36 (14) – Q4: 49 (11)
CENTRAL COAST | Q1: 4 – Q2: 12 (8) – Q3: 26 (14) – Q4: 39 (13)

Starting Line-ups
INNER WEST: GS Terri Slater, GA Nikita Besseling, WA Sarah Laws, C Isobel McCalman, WD Hadessa Moeakiola, GD Maddy Clark, GK Tahlia Goodwin

CENTRAL COAST:  GS Ebony Oakley, GA Georgia Ray, C Casey Judge, WA Danielle Taylor, WD Chloe Cheatham, GD Eliza Hand, GK Nakita Jackson

Shooting Statistics
INNER WEST: 49/69 @ 85%
T Slater: 37/52 @ 71%
N Besseling: 12/17 @ 70%

CENTRAL COAST: 39/46 @ 85%
E Oakley: 4/6 @ 67%
I de Vivo: 21/23 @ 91%
R Sinclair: 14/17 @ 82%

Major Semi Final: Inner Western Suburbs 48 d Central Coast 44
Minor Semi Final: Parramatta Auburn 50 d Eastwood Ryde 38
Preliminary Final: Central Coast 67 d Parramatta Auburn 47
Grand Final: Inner Western Suburbs 49 d Central Coast 39


GRAND FINAL: Inner Western Suburbs 44 d Liverpool City 38

Inner West withheld a fast-finishing Liverpool City to claim the 2017 Premiership title by six goals last night at Genea Netball Centre.

The 2017 Champions started off with a strong intercept pass from Liverpool’s first centre which resulted in Inner West getting the first goal of the game. Goal attack Brigette Vanderham continued the strong start by putting up the opening four goals to give Inner West an early jump on their opposition. However the match soon settled into a tit-for-tat contest as both teams traded goals; Inner West maintaining their four goal lead at the first break.

Having found some confidence, Liverpool hit the ground running for the second quarter with their midcourt driving hard for every centre pass. This provided shooting combination Lagi Paulo (GS) and Madeline Parker (GA) greater possession, allowing them to reduce the goal margin to within two goals.

But a late purple patch saw Inner West outscore their opponents six goals to one to extend their lead to seven goals at the big break, 24-17.

While the second half began on similar equal footing, soon Inner West began to pull away on the scoreboard – much in thanks to converting their possession gains. Liverpool struggled to find momentum under the intense defensive scrutiny until Paulo provided an out for her side.

As the game approached three quarter time, the final minutes produced a stand-out performance from Liverpool C Karla Ignazzi who dominated the midcourt. Her strong service to Paulo allowed the Liverpool goal shooter to post nine of the last 10 goals, including a run of four and five unanswered. All of a sudden Liverpool were back within six goals as the game headed into the final stanza.

With the game on the line, both teams came out firing for the final 15 minutes to produce an enthralling contest. The pace of the game only increased as the clock ticked over, and with a few last minute possession gains to Liverpool saw them reduce the goal margin to within three goals.

But Inner West withheld the charge and didn’t allow Liverpool to get any closer, finishing the game with the final goal to post a thrilling 44-38 victory

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
INNER WEST | Q1: 12 – Q2: 24 (12) – Q3: 35 (11) – Q4: 44 (9)
LIVERPOOL | Q1: 8 – Q2: 17 (9) – Q3: 29 (12) – Q4: 38 (9)

Starting Line-ups
INNER WEST| GS Simone Hickman, GA Brigitte Vanderham, WA Kathleen Land, C Zoe Brown, WD Mikaila Kenzevic, GD Isabella Rankin, GK Stephanie Hansen

LIVERPOOL | GS Lagi Paulo, GA Madeline Parker, WA Karla Ignazzi, C Claudia Towle, WD Luana Aukafolau, GD Leah Tavita, GK Courtney Brown

Shooting Statistics
INNER WEST: 44/63 @ 70%
S Hickman: 19/25 @ 76%
B Vanderham: 11/15 @ 73%
D Black: 14/23 @ 61%

LIVERPOOL: 38/51 @ 75%
L Paulo: 28/37 @ 76%
M Parker: 10/14 @ 71%

Major Semi Final: Inner Western Suburbs 48 d Hunter United 43
Minor Semi Final: Liverpool City 50 d St George District 35
Preliminary Final: Liverpool City 52 d Hunter United 41
Grand Final: Inner Western Suburbs 44 d Liverpool City 38