DOOLEYS State League Champions crowned

The 2014 DOOLEYS State League Grand Finals have arrived to decide Divisions 2-8 Champions for this season.  After St George claimed their maiden Waratah Cup trophy earlier this year, today’s title deciders will conclude the DOOLEYS State League competition for another season.

Netball NSW would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners DOOLEYS Catholic Club – Lidcombe for their continued support of netball in our community.

Read below to see how each division’s title decider played out, and check back into later in the week to hear the winning coaches’ reactions…

DIVISION 2 – Sutherland Shire 51 def Eastwood Ryde 41

After finishing the regular season in third place, Sutherland Shire has delivered Eastwood Ryde their first loss of the season to be crowned the 2014 Champions.  Sutherland were in control for much of the title decider to defeat the Minor Premiers, 51-41.

Eastwood Ryde flew out of the starting blocks, pulling away to a 5-1 lead early in the match.  However Sutherland Shire weren’t to be discouraged by the Minor Premiers start, working their way back into the contest the get within one goal halfway through the opening quarter. Eastwood Ryde withheld their opposition’s resurgence, managing to get out to a two goal buffer at the first break.

Despite trailing the Minor Premiers, Sutherland wouldn’t be deterred and kept coming at the contest.  By halfway through the second quarter they had equalised the scores and, with the next centre pass, took the lead for the first time.

The Grand Finalists would trade goals for the remainder of the first half, until in the final minute Sutherland strung together three unanswered goals to take a four goal advantage into the big break.

Eastwood found the post first to open the scoring in the second half, with the two sides once again trading goals.  With a handy lead up their sleeve, Sutherland looked settled as they worked the ball patiently, while Eastwood threw everything at the contest willing to stay in touch on the scoreboard.

However Eastwood couldn’t get any closer than within three goals, with Sutherland going into the final 15 minutes with a 38-34 lead.

With the 2014 title on the line Sutherland came out firing for the final quarter.  Through some solid defence as well as keen eye to the post, Sutherland soon pulled out to a nine goal lead with 10 minutes on the clock.  Staring down at their first loss for the season, Eastwood dug deep to stay in the contest.

While Eastwood left nothing in the tank, Sutherland Shire were too strong in the end claiming a 10 goal win to be crowned the 2014 Champions.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Eastwood Ryde│ Q1: 13 – Q2: 21 (8) – Q3: 34 (13) – Q4: 41 (7)
Sutherland Shire│Q1: 11 – Q2: 25 (14) – Q3: 38 (13) – Q4: 51 (13)


DIVISION 3 – St George 55 def Northern Suburbs 30

Minor Premiers St George have capped off the double, claiming the 2014 title after defeating Northern Suburbs, 55-30, in the title decider.

Nothing separated the two sides at the end of the regular rounds, with St George claiming the Minor Premiership on goal differential.  Today’s title decider was a re-match of the Major Semi Final, in which Northern Suburbs got one back on the ladder leaders to advance directly to the Grand Final.

It was Northern Suburbs who began strongly, putting up three consecutive goals before St George could answer. But that didn’t deter the Minor Premiers who evened the scoreboard after six minutes of play. The two sides continued to trade goals, however St George managed to pull out to a four goal lead.

Northern Suburbs continued to push and despite being denied by the buzzer, narrowed the deficit to two goals at the first break.

St George regathered for the second quarter however couldn’t edge ahead by any more than three goals as Northern Suburbs continued to stay in touch. With both teams opting to transition the ball quickly through the court, the match was played at a frenetic pace; St George holding a three goal buffer at the big break.

With Northern Suburbs taking off their tall Goal Keeper, St George immediately took advantage by extending their lead to 10 goals early in the second half.  Northern Suburbs got one back, however a timeout halted play.  The short break allowed Norths to bring back on their tall keeper to limit the ease to which St George feeders were finding their shooter.

However St George had found an extra gear and by three quarter time had pulled out to an 11-goal lead.

Northern Suburbs continued to push however fatigue began to set in as the pace of the match started to take its toll.  With all the momentum behind them St George kept at it, pushing out their lead to claim Grand Final honours by 25 goals.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Northern Suburbs│ Q1: 10 – Q2: 19 (9) – Q3: 25 (6) – Q4: 30 (5)
St George│Q1: 12 – Q2: 22 (10) – Q3: 36 (14) – Q4: 55 (19)


DIVISION 4 – Parramatta Auburn 50 def Illawarra 42

After finishing the regular season in third place, Parramatta Auburn has overcome Minor Premiers Illawarra, 50-42, to be crowned the 2014 Champion. They set the pace from the very first whistle, pulling out to a handy lead at half-time to keep Illawarra in chase mode for the entire match.

Parramatta Auburn flew out of the blocks for the start of the title decider, getting out to a 5-1 lead halfway through the quarter. It immediately forced their younger opposition into chase mode as Illawarra tried in vain to chase down the early deficit.  Parramatta Auburn held strongly to take a handy four goal buffer into the first break.

All the momentum was with Parramatta Auburn who opened out to as much as nine goals during the second quarter.  Illawarra threw everything at the contest, including some impressive defensive timing in the circle.

With plenty of height and experience throughout the court, Parramatta Auburn held out a fast finishing Illawarra – who scored four unanswered goals leading up to the break – to lead by 10 goals at half-time.

Illawarra took their momentum into the second half, scoring the first goal from a turnover; however Parramatta Auburn answered not long after possession gain of their own.  Still Illawarra made their move and after five minutes of play in the second half had pulled the deficit back to seven goals.

It was as close as Parramatta Auburn would let them get as they pushed back out to a 10 goal lead.  The teams traded goals for the remainder of the quarter to Parramatta a handy buffer heading into the final 15 minutes.

With time running out for Illawarra they left no stone unturned as they tried to chip away at the scoreboard deficit. However Parramatta could taste victory and were firmly in control and looked to withstand anything that Illawarra threw at them.

Despite Illawarra winning the final quarter, the lead was too great to chase down. Parramatta finished eight-goal victors to claim the 2014 title.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Illawarra│ Q1: 8 – Q2: 16 (8) – Q3: 30 (14) – Q4: 42 (12)
Parramatta Auburn│Q1: 12 – Q2:  26 (14) – Q3: 40 (14) – Q4: 50 (10)


DIVISION 5 – Blue Mountains 46 def Hills District 43

Minor Premiers Blue Mountains have held out in a strong contest with Hills District to post a 46-43 victory to claim the Division 5 Champions title.

It was a tight tussle throughout the opening 15 minutes, with the two sides trading goals.  There was a red-hot intensity from the first whistle with neither team taking a backward step with strong contests to the ball.  It wasn’t until late in the quarter Hills District pulled out to a small lead, using their height advantage in the shooting circle to their advantage, at the first break.

Blue Mountains weren’t to be discouraged though, scoring four goals to two in the opening minutes to claw back the deficit.  With the crowd in full voice, Blue Mountains did their best to maintain momentum, but Hills District had other plans.  Using their tall shooter, Hills once more pulled out the lead; by half-time, Hills had maintained their five goal, opening quarter buffer.

Despite the deficit, Blue Mountains came out all guns blazing and six minutes into the second half had got within one goal of Hills District.  This brought the Blue Mountain’s supporters to their feet as they willed their team on.  With under five minutes until quarter time, Blue Mountains hit the lead for the first time, maintaining a two-goal advantage at the final break.

With a Champions-title on the line, both teams threw everything at the contest leaving nothing on court.  The crowd rode every passage of play, willing their team to victory. It was a battle of the defensive ends with both sides’ circle defenders putting their bodies on the line to win possession.

Despite Blue Mountains leading by as much as four goals late in the match, Hills District kept pushing to get within one goal with a minute and half remaining.  Spectators were on their feet as time quickly counted down, yet Blue Mountains held out a fast-finishing Hills District to claim a three goal victory.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Blue Mountains│ Q1: 8 – Q2: 19 (11) – Q3: 33 (14) – Q4: 46 (13)
Hills District│Q1: 13 – Q2: 24 (11) – Q3: 31 (7) – Q4: 43 (12)


DIVISION 6 – Illawarra 45 def Ku-ring-gai 36

Illawarra has claimed the Champions title after overcoming Ku-ring-gai, 45-36, on the back of an exciting second half from the Minor Premiers.

It was goal-for-goal for much of the opening quarter until Ku-ring-gai made the most of possession gains with Illawarra called for offensive contact.  They pulled out to a handy lead, however Illawarra wouldn’t give up.  Working the ball quickly down the court, Illawarra tried in vain to catch their opposition however Ku-ring-gai took a five goal buffer into the first break.

Once again the teams traded goals for the start of the second quarter, with Ku-ring-gai keeping Illawarra’s advances at bay.  A highlight was Ku-ring-gai’s strong full-court pressure, which slowed down their opposition’s court transition to force the turnover.  However Illawarra wouldn’t go away and with under four minutes until half-time had evened the scoreboard.

Illawarra ending up doubling Ku-ring-gai’s second quarter score – 14 goals to seven – to take a two goal buffer into the big break.

Mistakes began to creep into the game for the start of the second half as both sides tried to up the ante on each other.  Despite this, Ku-ring-gai continued to push Illawarra; however the Minor Premiers wouldn’t let their opposition get any closer than two goals to maintain their lead at the final break.

It took Ku-ring-gai four minutes into the final quarter to add to their tally, by which stage Illawarra had pushed out to a five goal lead, but that wouldn’t deter them.  Ku-ring-gai threw everything at the Minor Premiers, however Illawarra stayed strong to finish nine-goal victors to claim the title.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Illawarra│ Q1: 8 – Q2: 22 (14) – Q3: 33 (11) – Q4: 45 (12)
Ku-ring-gai│Q1: 13 – Q2: 20 (7) – Q3: 30 (10) – Q4: 36 (6)


DIVISION 7 – Campbelltown 49 d City of Sydney/Sydney Uni 37

Campbelltown has held out a spirited City of Sydney/Sydny Uni to be crowned the Division 7 Champions, posting a 49-37 victory.  The majority of the game was a tightly contested race, before Campbelltown pulled away in the final quarter to claim the title.

It was a tight tussle to open the title decider with CSNA/Syd Uni chasing down Campbelltown who had opened to a small lead early.  CSNA/Syd Uni shooters had a slight height advantage and, despite the Campbelltown defenders working hard to limit the influence of the high ball feed, took a small three goal lead into the first break.

Campbelltown weren’t to be deterred, putting up five unanswered goals to take back the lead.  CSNA/Syd Uni wouldn’t let their deficit get out to any more than two goals and worked hard to stay in the contest.  Some unforced errors began to creep into the game as the strong defensive pressure from both sides began to take effect. However the second quarter belonged to Campbelltown, who outscored CSNA/Syd Uni 13 goals to 8, to take a slim lead into the big break.

While Campbelltown opened the scoring for the third consecutive quarter, CSNA/Syd Uni wouldn’t be discouraged to pull back the deficit to back within one goal after five minutes of play.  Again the two sides were locked in a goal-for-goal battle, and it would Campbelltown who would break the deadlock.  Despite a goal in the dying seconds to CSNA/Syd Uni, Campbelltown took a five goal buffer into the final 15 minutes.

The intensity lifted for the final quarter as Campbelltown did their best to repel a spirited CSNA/Syd Uni.  With 10 minutes remaining Campbelltown had pulled out to a seven goal lead and had their sights set on the 2014 title.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Campbelltown│ Q1: 9 – Q2: 22 (13) – Q3: 35 (13) – Q4: 49 (14)
CSNA/Syd Uni│Q1: 12 – Q2: 20 (8) – Q3: 30 (10) – Q4: 37 (7)


DIVISION 8 – Central Coast 59 d Bankstown City 38

Central Coast has finished the 2014 season undefeated to be crowned Champions after overcoming Bankstown City, 59-38, in today’s title decider.  It was the Minor Premiers 19th consecutive victory, on the back of an impressive second half in which they outscored Bankstown, 35 goals to 17.

It was goal for goal for much of the opening quarter, until Bankstown City were able to string together consecutive goals to take a small lead in the last few minutes before the first break.  However Central Coast weren’t to be discouraged, chasing down the deficit to even the scoreboard at quarter time.

The two sides were locked in a see-sawing battle for the second quarter, producing some thrilling netball for spectators.  It wouldn’t stay that way as Central Coast put their foot down, putting up a run of goals to pull out to as much as five goals late, which they would maintain into half time.

Central Coast maintained their momentum into the third quarter, putting up eight goals to four to further extend their lead.  Bankstown threw everything to remain in the contest, however Central Coast’s intense defensive pressure created turnovers for their shooters to capitalise on the scoreboard.  While Central Coast took 14 goal lead into the final break, Bankstown City finished the quarter strongly to set up an exciting final 15 minutes.

With the Champions title in their sights, Central Coast put their foot down for the final quarter.  With their defence end uncompromising in their pressure, bringing the ball down quickly for their shooters to capitalise, they began to push out their buffer.  Despite Bankstown City giving it everything until the final seconds, Central Coast posted a 21 goal victory to claim the Division 8 title.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
Central Coast│ Q1: 12 – Q2: 26 (14) – Q3: 42 (16) – Q4: 59 (17)
Bankstown City│Q1: 12 – Q2: 21 (9) – Q3: 28 (7) – Q4: 38 (10)