EmpowerPlay is a new program built for affiliated Clubs and Associations to increase self-confidence and generate awareness of individual’s strengths to embrace better teamwork, to increase participation and member retention in the sport across NSW.

It has been developed in conjunction with Team GEM to provide current and potential young netballers aged 10-13yrs with a fun, engaging and social experience that adds value to the traditional participation of the game.

How does it work?

EmpowerPlay is made up of four modules – one module delivered each year.

+ Empowerment Module + Resilience Module + Compassion Module + Confidence Module

A module is made up of 3 x 60-90 minute sessions which has both active based theory (POWER) and physical components (PLAY)


+  Participants learn about confidence, respecting and understanding other personalities as well as covering different aspects of growth.
+  Potential Growth in Participation – parents are attracted to clubs that care about their players both on and off the court
+  Increased club spirit and sense of belonging
Increase retention or members – keeps the participants playing for longer by providing positive experiences
+  Developing leaders – the program encourages participants to give back to the club (i.e. umpiring, coaching, volunteering, etc.)
+  Potential for sponsorship income – partners are attracted to clubs growing participants in a multitude of ways as well as more chance for them to be exposed.
+  Coaches to have a better understanding of their players and how they can work best as a team


Lauren Major | Participation Coordinator – Products
empowerplay@netballnsw.com or visit: EmpowerPlay.com.au