Netball NSW has invested considerable time and resources to the development of our Netball in New South Wales – Statewide Facilities Strategy, with the support of NSW Office of Sport.

The core purpose of the Strategy is to guide the removal of facility related barriers to people in NSW accessing the sport of netball. To achieve this purpose, the strategy delivers a comprehensive and prioritised series of recommendations to help guide the future management, enhancement and development of Netball facilities in NSW to 2033. The Strategy will do 2 things:

  • Identify key issues, gaps, opportunities and needs relating to the provision, development and management of netball facilities in NSW
  • Provide direction to all netball stakeholder groups in NSW, which will guide future improvements to the netball facilities footprint for the benefit of NSW communities.

This Strategy will assist Netball NSW, affiliated Associations, Clubs and many other netball stakeholder groups throughout NSW to better plan for the future of their facility footprint, seek facility related grant funding, ensure the appropriate allocation of resources and establish partnerships to enhance netball facilities across the state over time.

The Strategy will ensure that the prioritisation of resources, by they those of Netball Associations, Local Government, State Government, Commonwealth Government, developers and others; and assets management, are based on sound analysis of demand and supply as well as the need to balance netball facility demands with diverse community needs

With the focus of the Strategy on outdoor and indoor netball facilities, including multi-use/sport facilities where netball can have a significant presence. The potential to use schools and other potential spaces and facilities for the delivery of netball was also considered.

Although the timeline of the Strategy is 2018-2033, it is designed to be a “rolling Strategy” to ensure currency and relevance at all times.


If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Woods, General Manager Stakeholder Relations to discuss further on (02) 9951 5000 or


Netball in New South Wales – Statewide Facilities Strategy (2018-2033)

Appendix A: Netball NSW Infrastructure Priorities Paper (2017)

Appendix B: Netball NSW Statewide Facilities Strategy – Preliminary Research Findings and Opportunity Paper

Netball NSW Statewide Facilities Strategy – Consultation Findings and Opportunity