The 15 Years Development Program delivered by the Regional Academies of Sport and Sydney Netball Academy:

  • Provides development, education and support structures for athletes to easily integrate to the next level of the elite athlete pathway and focuses on individual athlete development.
  • Provides for a soundly based, consistent and co-ordinated national approach for development of all State/Territory based identified athletes.
  • Implements the Long Term Athlete Development Regional Academy guidelines through delivery of the Develop a Diamond Academy (DADA) Program as set by Netball Australia;
  • Identifies athletes for the Talented Athlete Program (TAP);
  • Prepares athletes for NSW State Team trials;
  • Provides coach education and promotes continuous improvement to develop the region’s coaches;
  • Provides umpire education and promotes continuous improvement to develop the region’s umpires.

Selections for the 15 Years Development Program are held within each Academy. Successfully selected athletes will undertake six hours of training and compete in the 15 years Development Weekend which is held in October each year.

At the 15 Years Development Weekend, athletes play in a two-day round robin. In addition to various events throughout each year, the weekend provides Netball NSW selectors an additional opportunity to view athletes and following the weekend a squad of up to 60 athletes is selected to attend the Talented Athlete Program Camp.

Information on Regional Academies of Sport Program squad trials will be added to this page and the link below as details become available.

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Talented Athlete Program

The purpose of the 15 Years Talented Athlete Program is to:

  • Provide an elite, holistic program that focuses on the development of the individual athlete and their ability to contribute to a team environment;
  • Deliver a best practice training program based on the Netball Australia Academy Curriculum and designed to maximise the potential for elite performance outcomes;
  • Provide a clear and well communicated development pathway for athletes;
  • Provide a training environment that allows eligible athletes to access quality services and programs;
  • Increase the number of opportunities for selectors to view the 15 years age group prior to the State 17/U Team trials.