Archer: Elite Netball Journey

NetballNSWTV caught up with Wendy Archer AM to talk about the evolution of elite netball since she took over as organisation President.

Archer was heavily involved in the transition of the Sydney Swifts, who went on to become the NSW Swifts, and then the creation of GIANTS Netball.

Archer said the colours were important as they represented where the teams were from, and there were many decisions to be made for each team.

“Simple things like ‘do we stick with the yellow or change the colour? Do we stick with the name or do we change the name?'”

In making the decisions, Archer explained the NSW Swifts colours ultimately were chosen to reflect the NSW Waratah.

“The blue and the red is the blue of NSW and red of the Waratah,” she explained.

“Re-engineering the red Swifts out of the yellow Swifts was a challenge as the Sydney Swifts had a large following and we had to do it carefully.”

Archer also reflected on the created of GIANTS Netball alongside GIANTS AFL, in a very short period of time ahead of the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball season.

“The creation and inclusion of GIANTS Netball, a direct rival of NSW Swifts, has been nothing short of a miracle”, she said.

The second elite team in NSW has provided another arm in the player pathways for aspiring NSW netballers.

“There is more opportunity for our homegrown talent now than ever before”.

There have been times when the change in the sport has been slow and at other times fast, but without the change, netball would be left behind.

“We should never be afraid of anything, we should ask is that possible?” said Archer.

Below is the second of a three-part series with Wendy Archer AM discussing the development of elite netball in NSW.