First Minute Book in Hall of Fame


In 2016 Netball NSW introduced a new category to our Hall of Fame – the Heritage Category.

The category has been framed to acknowledge significant historical icons and pieces of history; things as it were, not people who are covered by Athlete and General Divisions.

At the 2016 Netball NSW State Dinner, the first item of historical significance inducted under the Heritage Category was the first Minute Book of the Association.

The book dates back to 1927 and is in a very delicate condition. It is very significant in that it was the start of Women’s Basketball which became Netball in NSW, therefore is invaluable in terms of historical significance.

An excerpt from the Minute book reads:

NSW Women’s Basket Ball Association
Held July 4th, 1929
11 Rowe Street

Note: Minutes in this book go up to 18 September 1935 and include a Constitution. The Annual Membership fee to be 1:1:0 Pds per group or association. There were 41 teams.

Quote: “Proposed by E. Wallace, seconded by A. Toovey that the CGASA (City Girls’ Amateur Sports Association) register as the NSW Women’s Basket Ball Association. Carried.”

The Board and Staff of Netball NSW are delighted and proud to have such a treasured artifact in our Hall of Fame.