Name: Debbie Rix (nee Johnson)

DOB: 24 September 1963


Height: 170cm

Positions: WA

Age started playing: 8

Association/s: Liverpool City/Sutherland Shire

Started playing because: Loved Netball!!

Netball Teams: 


NSW 21/U Team 1981-1982
NSW Open Team 1983-1985

Australian: Australian Open Team 1985

ANZ Championship: 


Other National Leagues: Sutherland 1985

Australian Test Caps: 7

Playing style/strength: Was fast on feet and able to read play fast and respond

Fondest netball memory: Wembley-World Games

Earliest netball memory: Going to state training at Manly with Janelle Cronin and Margaret Corbett was coaching

I prepare for a game by: Focussing on my play by sitting alone quietly

Tips for future netballers: Have solid basic skills, play because you love it

Most embarrassing moment on court: Bending over in front of a TV Camera – checking on an injured player

What did your first uniform look like? Community Netball Club – Liverpool – Black skirt with a gold box pleat uniform and black belt

What have you done with your past uniforms: Still got them!

One team you always wanted to beat: NZ – because Australia is number one!

What was the big hairstyle craze of your netball career? High pigtails with ribbons to match the uniform

Most memorable game? 
1 – World Cup Final – Wembley, we lost to NZ
2 – Playing Jamaica and their WA deliberately going offside and no one noticed. I stopped the game.

What’s one of the biggest things that has changed in the game since you first played netball? Speed, level of competition and level of skills of the players.  We were playing Jamaica and we couldn’t work out why we kept losing the ball in our goal third. After the 3rd and 4th time I noticed the Jamaican WA was coming into our goal third and defending and no one noticed. So I waited for her to do it again and i called time – stopped the game and went to the umpire and said ‘She is offside again!’ The Jamaican WA threw her hands up and laughed and she ran back to her end of the court. What a hide – those sneaky buggers!!

Any current involvement with netball? Playing socially in Coffs Harbour

Education:   Belmore North

High School: Wiley Park

Further Study: Diploma of Teaching, early childhood 0-8 years

Occupation: Preschool Director

In my spare time I enjoy: Watching my son in Motor Cross, Diving, Zumba

Things I dislike include: Australia losing to NZ

Other sports/hobbies: Diving, Zumba

Favourite movie: Bad Boys

Favourite TV show: Happy Days and Emergency Rescue shows

Favourite Singer/Band: Meatloaf

Favourite Colour: Royal Blue

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Dream Job: Search and Rescue

Which sporting event would you love to attend? Olympics

Most admired sports person: 

Who do you enjoy an on court battle with? The Jamaicans – very physical

What would you spend your last $20 on? A cappucino and chocolate

If you were a cartoon character who would you be? Cinderella

If I was on Australian Idol I would sing: Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf