Presented at the Netball NSW State Dinner, this award is presented to an elite player from either the NSW Swifts or GIANTS Netball who has displayed consistent and outstanding performances throughout the season, with votes awarded on a 3-2-1 basis.

Marilyn Melhuish OAM Suncorp Super Netball Player of the Year

2018 Jo Harten – GIANTS
2017 Maddy Proud – Swifts

Marilyn Melhuish OAM ANZ Championship Player of the Year

2016 Laura Langman – Swifts
2015 Susan Pettitt – Swifts
2014 Kim Green – Swifts
2013 KimGreen – Swifts
2012 Susan Pratley – Swifts
2011 Kimberlee Green – Swifts
2010 Rebecca Bulley – Swifts
Susan Pratley – Swifts
2009 Kimberley Smith – Swifts
2008 Selina Gilsenan – Swifts

Marilyn Melhuish OAM Commonwealth Bank Trophy Player of the Year

2007 Emma Koster McDonald’s Hunter Jaegers
2006 Liz Ellis Sydney TAB Swifts
2005 Catherine Cox Sydney TAB Swifts
2004 Alison Tucker Hunter Jaegers
2003 Mo’onia Gerrard Sydney Sandpipers