At Netball NSW we are very proud of our history, having produced some of the greatest netballers in the world. Take a look at the profiles of some of the players that have represented New South Wales at the highest level – National Netball Championships and National/Trans-Tasman Leagues, starting with the players that also represented Australia.

Australian Test Team Representatives
Megan Anderson
Natalie Avellino
Sarah Barrett
Lisa Beehag (nee Wilson)
Erin Bell
Ashleigh Brazill
Alison Broadbent (nee Williams)
Rebecca Bulley (nee Strachan)
Michelle Collyer (nee Eldred)
Catherine Cox
Nicole Cusack (nee Ferruccio)
Terese Delaney (nee Kennedy)
Marcia Ella-Duncan
Liz Ellis AM
Wendy Glassman (nee Etherington)
Sharon Finnan OAM
Mo’onia Gerrard
Kimberlee Green
Paige Hadley
Selina Hornibrook (nee Gilsenan)
Debbie Rix (nee Johnson)
Susan Kenny OAM
April Letton
Therese McCarthy
Cheryl McCormack
Joanne Morgan
Marianne Murphy (nee McCormick)
Aileen Parsons
Chelsea Pitman
Susan Pratley
Kimberley Ravaillion
Edna Ross (Medcalf)
Anne Sargeant OAM (nee Simmonds)
Gabi Simpson
Karan Smith (nee Bulloch)
Carissa Tombs (nee Dalwood)
Catriona Wagg