Name: DOB: Nickname: Height: Positions: Age started playing: Association/s: Started playing because:
Netball Teams:  NSW:
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Playing style/strength: Fondest netball memory:
Earliest netball memory:
I prepare for a game by:

Tips for future netballers:
Most embarrassing moment on court:
What did your first uniform look like?

What have you done with your past uniforms:
One team you always wanted to beat?

What was the big hairstyle craze of your netball career? Most memorable game?
What’s one of the biggest things that has changed in the game since you first played?
A story worth telling?

Any current involvement with netball?
Education:   Primary School: High School: Further Study: Occupation:
In my spare time I enjoy: Things I dislike include:
Other sports/hobbies: Favourite movie: Favourite TV show: Favourite Singer/Band: Favourite Colour: Favourite Food: Dream Job:
Which sporting event would you love to attend? Most admired sports person: Who do you enjoy an on court battle with?
What would you spend your last $20 on? If you were a cartoon character who would you be? If I was on Australian Idol I would sing:

Erin Bell 30 April 1987 Ez 178cm GA/WA/GS 8 Sutherland Shire My school friends played and I thought it looked like fun NSW 17/U Team 2003-2004 NSW 19/U Team 2005-2006 NSW 21/U Team 2005-2006 Australian Open Team 2011 NSW Swifts 2008-2009 Adelaide Thunderbirds 2010-2011 Sydney Swifts 2005-2007 ANL – Netball NSW 2008-2009 5
Speed and creativity in the circle, calm under pressure Being named in the 2011 Australian Diamonds and winning World Champs! Running around the grass courts at Miranda with my hands up in the air being a head taller than all the other kids After I am sure I have done all the physical, technical and tactical training I can, I then watch video footage of past games of myself and my opposition and visualise success. Always keep your dream alive by taking every opportunity that comes your way and most importantly enjoy it. I remember tripping over my own feet while attempting to get an intercept… probably explains why I play attack! Menai Hawks when I was 8yrs, it was a yellow skirt and a matching yellow polo shirt. Not the most attractive uniform but you could definitely find us in a crowd! They are all in a big bag (or bags!) in every wardrobe of the house. Coming from NSW we always had a rivalry with VIC through underage Nationals and that has stuck with me into ANZ Championship. It always feels good to beat the Vixens as they have always been such a competitive team. Braids. I loved them when I was younger and still love them now. Only trouble is I can’t do it myself! Grand Final Aus v NZ World Champs 2011. AMAZING. I lost my voice for the next week after that game. The athleticism of the players has increased and with this the speed and physicality of the game has also increased. I don’t have a specific story, but what I have learnt from my netball career is to keep believing in yourself and your ability, don’t let others get you down. If you work hard enough and are willing to take risks anything is possible – if you believe it is. Player for Adelaide Thunderbirds. I enjoy coaching so do netball clinics every now and then.
Menai Primary Menai High Sydney University Exercise Physiologist
Going to the beach and attempting to surf Being stuck in traffic and realising your bluetooth doesn’t work and you don’t have handsfree Athletics, X country, dancing Current favourite is Letters to Juliet Greys Anatomy Love Taylor Swift and John Butler Trio At the moment… Mauve/purple Sushi and Cold Rock! Training dolphins and being able to swim with them everyday Olympics Sharelle McMahon Mo’onia Gerrard, Bec Bulley, Bianca Chatfield, Casey Williams etc. I love the challenge! An internet simcard for my ipad Ariel from The Little Mermaid Any Taylor Swift song