Name: Megan Anderson
DOB: 9/11/1974
Nickname: Megsy
Height: 178cm
Positions: GA/WA/GS
Age started playing: 8
Association/s: Woy Woy
Started playing because:
Netball Teams:
ANZ Championship:
Other National Leagues:
Australian Test Caps:
Playing style/strength:
Fondest netball memory:
Earliest netball memory:
I prepare for a game by:
Tips for future netballers:
Most embarrassing moment on court: What did your first uniform look like?
What have you done with your past uniforms:

One team you always wanted to beat:

What was the big hairstyle craze of your netball career? Most memorable game?
What’s one of the biggest things that has changed in the game since you first played netball?

Any current involvement with netball?
Education:   Primary School: High School:
Further Study:
In my spare time I enjoy:
Things I dislike include: Other sports/hobbies: Favourite movie: Favourite TV show: Favourite Singer/Band: Favourite Colour: Favourite Food: Dream Job: Which sporting event would you love to attend? Most admired sports person:
Who do you enjoy an on court battle with? What would you spend your last $20 on? If you were a cartoon character who would you be? If I was on Australian Idol I would sing:

Watching my mum umpire, I was bored so I gave it a go
NSW 19/U Team 1992 NSW 21/U Team 1993-1995 NSW Open Team 1996-2000
Australian Open Team 2000, 2002, 2004-2006
Southern Steel 2008-2010
Northern Mystics 2011 Sydney Swifts 1997-1998 Adelaide Ravens 1999 Sydney Swifts 2000-2006 National Bank Cup (NZ) Northern Force 2006-2007 20
Creative, reads the play well Making Australian team for the first time and winning three CBT titles Netball carnivals in Woy Woy and braiding everyone’s hair Trying to relax, have a sleep and then watch some video of the opposition Not everyone gets it easy, find a way to make your skills work. Always look for ways to keep improving 0 from 5 (attempts) in a quarter for the AIS It was a wrap-around yellow skirt (not pleated) and a white bonds t-shirt I have kept one uniform from each of the important teams and competitions. Eventually had to throw out most of the tracksuits as they were taking up too much room in my parents place! In Australia it was always the Thunderbirds, I guess they were the benchmark and it’s always good to know you can match it with them. In NZ it is the WBOP Magic, again, same reason Probably braiding hair, when I was a kid everyone did it, now it’s coming back into fashion. First game for Australia against South Africa in South Africa, Grand Final in National Bank Cup in NZ, First Grand Final for Swifts where we thrashed the Thunderbirds The players are fitter and more committed to training and having netball as a full-time occupation rather than a few times a week and games on the weekend. The game itself is faster and more physical and now as everyone is as fit as each other, the smartest players or the team that plays together often wins. One or 2 great players won’t win you games anymore… Player for Northern Mystics
St John the Baptist, Woy Woy St Josephs, East Gosford and Corpus Christie, Tuggerah Bachelor of Human Movement Graduate Diploma in Business Netball for 6 months of the year, admin work for the other 6 months
Relaxing, sleeping, spending time with friends and shopping Rude people tennis Good Will Hunting Offspring and Greys Anatomy R&B, Beyonce, Usher, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys Blue Vietnamese A food and travel writer A Davis Cup Final in Spain Martina Hingis, because of the way she thinks on the court, and Roger Federer because he makes everything look so easy but he is constantly trying to improve Peta Scholz and Liz Ellis Probably a great coffee and a big mango Sleepy – he gets to sleep all day I wouldn’t be – you haven’t heard me sing! No musical bones in my body!