A soft tissue injury can be a sprain, strain or a direct blow to a joint, muscle, ligament or tendon.

The best way to prevent soft tissue injuries is to do the following:

                  -adequate warm up and cool down

                  -appropriate training program gradually increasing intensity and duration of training

                  -maintenance of cardiac fitness

                  -recovery between work outs

                  -wearing appropriate and well fitted footwear

                  -ensure the area that you play and train in is safe

                  -keeping hydrated

                  -avoiding activities that cause pain

Management of a soft tissue injury involves the RICER protocol:






The RICER protocol should be used for ligament and muscle sprains as well as bumps and bruises.

You should follow up with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapists at The Centre for Sports Medicine are very experienced in diagnosing and treating sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

For help in rehabilitating and recovering from an injury or for information on the best ways to prevent an injury to yourself or your team or to buy an ‘ice-n-easy’ pictured, come and see one of our experts at The Center for Sports Medicine www.tcfsm.com.au at Genea Netball Centre in Sydney Olympic Park.