Member Protection Framework

Child Safeguarding Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy


Member Protection Policy

Netball NSW Member Protection Policy

Member Protection Policy - Attachment A: Employment Screening and WWCC Requirements

Member Protection Policy - Attachment B: Complaints Handling Procedure

Appendix C - Record of Tribunal 

Appendix D - Notification of Alleged Breach and Hearing Tribunal

Appendix E - Notification of Appeal Tribunal

Appendix F - Notification of Findings

Appendix G - Confidential Record of Informal Complaint

Appendix H - Confidential Record of Formal Complaint

Appendix I - Confidential Record of Child Abuse Allegation

Appendix J - Record of Medication

Appendix K - Application of Appeal Form 

Appendix L - Rights and Obligations of Complainants

Appendix M - Confidentiality Notice 

Appendix N - Privacy Notice 

Appendix O - Authority to Allow Child Young Person


Disciplinary Policy

Netball NSW Disciplinary Policy

Appendix C - Incident Report

Appendix D - Notification of Automatic Suspension

Appendix E - Notification of Disciplinary Tribunal Hearing 

Appendix F - Record of Disciplinary Tribunal

Appendix G - Application to Appeal 

Appendix H - Notification of Appeal Tribunal

Appendix I - Record of Appeal Tribunal


Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy

Netball NSW Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy


Netball NSW Code of Behaviour Policy