The National Umpire Development Framework (NUDF) has been updated for 2017.

DOWNLOAD: National Umpire Development Framework; A Badge Testing Sheet; B Grade Testing Sheet; C Badge Testing Sheet

These changes as outlined in below summary, will come into effect 1 January 2017:

1. Courses/Exams (4.3, 4.4, 5.1)

Level 1 Umpire Course renamed to Foundation Umpire Course (4.3)
Level 2 Umpire Course renamed to Elite Umpire Course (4.4)
Section I Theory Examination renamed to Rules of Netball Theory Examination ((5.1)
Removal of Section II Theory Exam and Rules in Action Course from National Umpire Accreditation System.

2. Course Enrolment Pre-Requisites (4.9)

Pre-requisite for Elite Umpire Course has been amended to B Badge (previously there was no pre-requisite for enrolment to this course).

3. Testing Panel Composition (6 and Figure 5)

B Grade Testing Panel now consists of 2 members (1 x B Badge and 1 x A or AA Badge)

4. Endorsement (6.2.1 and Figure 6)

A Badge endorsement will now be required every 4 years (previously 6 years).

5. Updating – on court umpires (6.3) and Updating – Presenters/Testers (6.4)

– A new updating system will be introduced for umpiring.
– On-court umpires will be required to complete various practical and theory based activities over a four year period to update their accreditation
– Updating will be managed as part of the online MyNetball learning system.
– Umpire Presenters and Testers that are no longer umpiring must hold a current (within the last 4 years) Rules of Netball Exam pass mark relevant to their badge level to be eligible to presenter and/or test as part of the National Umpire       Accreditation System.

6. High Performance Umpire Pathway (7 and Figures 7 & 8)

The High Performance Umpire Pathway and Programs diagrams have been updated to reflect the changes to the athlete and competition pathway.
For further information, refer to the High Performance Umpire Pathway

7. Badge Competencies Summary (Appendix 1)

Competencies for all badge levels have reviewed and updated. These competencies are a continuum from basic level to expert execution.
For further information, refer to the Netball Australia Badge Competencies Matrix

8. Practical Assessment Sheets (Appendix 2, 3, 4)

Competency based assessment sheets have been developed for all badge levels.

These forms must be used by testers for all testing as of 1 January 2017.

9. Update Criteria (Appendix 5, 6, 7 & 8)

Specific updating activities, points allocation and total points required for each badge level have been developed.