Post-season NetSetGO

Has your Association/Club thought about providing a NetSetGO ‘Net’ skills session in term 3 and/or 4 or a ‘Set’ or ‘GO’ modified summer competition post season? It is a great way to:

  • Keep existing participants engaged
  • Provide more opportunities for participants to practice their skills and play more games
  • Provide an opportunity to find new participants in the off-season (they can make use of the second Active Kids Voucher!)

Participants who have played previously in the calendar year will not be charged the Netball NSW NetSetGO fee ($63.34 incl. GST), and are able to participate again by just paying any Club and/or Association fees. New participants will still need to pay this fee but will receive a participant pack when they register*.

Taking into account the discounted membership fee, it’s great value for money for parents whose children have enjoyed NetSetGO in the winter netball season and want to keep playing.

An easy way to introduce new participants to netball is to invite participants that register to bring a friend for free one week so they can try before committing to a full program.

Find out more about the second Active Kids Voucher and how Netball NSW can help promote your post-season programs here.

More info

If you would like more information or have questions about running NetSetGO post-season please contact Melanie Chapman on or 9951 5001.

*returning participants do not receive another participant pack.