Suncorp NetSetGO: Participant Packs


With 2019 Suncorp NetSetGO Centres almost ready to begin running programs here Centres should familiarise themselves with the processes and timelines of pack delivery ETA and requesting new packs for participants whose packs do not arrive.


2019 Participant Packs
  • January 1: Registrations open
  • February 28: Last Day for De-registrations (for a refund of the Netball NSW capitation fee component)

Centre and Participants will have a lot more visibility about pack details this year. From a participants MyNetball profile you will be able to see the order date (batch creation date) and delivery address. The NetSetGO MyNetball manual will show you how to view this on a participants profile.

The centre address is used as the Return to Sender address for all your NetSetGO participants just in case it cannot be delivered to the participant.

Participants packs can take up to 4 weeks to arrive at the centre address as a return to sender, centres/participants should not enquire regarding a lost pack until the 4 weeks has passed. Only after this time can a new pack be ordered.

Once 4 weeks have passed and the pack has not arrived at the participant’s address, centre address or local post offices, please email