Suncorp NetSetGO – We are on the right track

9 out of 10 children say “FUN” is the main reason they participate in sports – good thing Suncorp NetSetGO is all about participants having fun while learning netball skills.

A recent article on Linkedin about why children play sport demonstrates that as a sport and as a program, the philosophy, aims and outcomes of Suncorp NetSetGO are on the right track in providing kids what they want and need to enjoy sport and keep playing longer.

Out of 81 reasons kids gave for what made sport fun, winning ranked at number 48. It should be noted that this rating was even lower amongst the responses from girls.

Instead at the top of the list were:

  • Playing with friends; one of the highlights of NetSetGO is having fun with your friends and make new friends while you learn to play netball.
  • Getting game time; the NetSetGO rules outline that game time should be evenly distributed among participants and they should try all positions over the season. See the Suncorp NetSetGO modified rules here.
  • Having close competitive games; modified equipment (smaller ball and shorter goal post) and rules (e.g. non-scoring team takes the centre pass) assists in creating a level playing field and also allow participants to feel like their games are similar to the competitive games they watch in Suncorp Super Netball. 
  • Learning the skills of a sport; Suncorp NetSetGO is Australia’s official starter program for girls and boys aged 5 to 10. It’s a chance to learn the netball basics and is the perfect introduction to our sport.

Another important modification of Suncorp NetSetGO is the removal of scorekeeping and ladders. The article found that most participants just want an opportunity to try their best. They might want to know the score and might get upset if they lose. However, the participants won’t remember the score 10 minutes later. It’s mum or dad who normally continue the conversation about the result in the car on the way home or at the dinner table.

So congratulations to you and your NetSetGO centre! Together as a sport we are helping kids get active and stay active. But, there is always room for improvement! If your centre wants assistance in improving its NetSetGO environment for participants get in touch with Netball NSW today via

Read the full article here.