Open Letter from CEO

Today, after a long period of negotiation, hard work and planning, we are pleased to advise the Netball NSW community that we have completed the next stage of our preparation as we look ahead to the new National Netball League in 2017.

This is a brave new world for everyone involved in our wonderful game and I share the sentiments of Netball Australia Deputy Chief Executive, Marne Fechner, in describing the Collective Player Agreement (CPA) as “a giant step in our collective aspiration to achieve full-time professionalism for all of our athletes.”

Today is an important milestone for the sport, and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my fellow team CEOs, Netball Australia, the Australian Netball Players Association (ANPA) and of course the players for putting in so many months of hard work to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. Also to the Netball NSW Board and staff for their unwavering support.

I would also like to thank our amazing NSW netball community who have shown great patience as we worked to put in place the new competition structure and documentation. Being a sports fan myself, I know how much love you have for our game which was at the heart of why we needed to get it right from the start.

Our philosophy was to have ‘No Regrets’ – and to make sure that this new league created something special for everyone. At Netball NSW we are incredibly invested in the new league and wanted to ensure we have this right for our two NSW teams and our 116,000 members.

I am hugely excited about the new league and immensely proud that Netball NSW will own two teams. Both the NSW Swifts and Team NEW* bring us even closer to the exciting new chapter of Australian netball history.

The finalisation of the CPA deal means that Clubs, including the Swifts and Team NEW, may commence contracting at 9am AEST, Monday 19 September. So our next steps are to issue formal contracts to players once the period opens; submit agreed contracts to Netball Australia for compliance approval, and once ratified we will be very excited to share the news with our valued Members and Fans.

In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience, and please know that we will follow process, and will move as quickly as we can.

CCThis is a truly historic time for our sport, and we’re excited about what comes next.

Carolyn Campbell
Netball NSW

*Team NEW is a temporary working title for the new Netball NSW team, with more details to follow in the coming weeks.

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