Last chance to see all 10 ANZ Championship teams at once

Get in quick for your chance to see the world’s best netballers in our own backyard when Netball NSW hosts the 2015 ANZ Championship Official Pre-Season Summer Shootout from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 February at Netball Central.

As of this morning, Friday 30 January, three of the four sessions are officially SOLD OUT with less than 200 tickets remaining for Session 1 on Friday night!

Get an early preview of the 2015 ANZ Championship and Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 when all 10 ANZ Championship teams descend on Netball Central for their first hit-out of the 2015 season.

World Number One Australian Diamonds such as Laura Geitz, Madi Robinson, Renae Hallinan and Caitlin Bassett will be there, not to mention the Swifts’ own Kimberlee Green, Caitlin Thwaites, Sharni Layton and Julie Corletto, joined by New Zealand Silver Ferns Laura Langman, Katrina Grant and Leana de Bruin, as well as English sharp-shooter Jo Harten, Malawi’s Mwai Kumwenda and imposing Jamaican Jhaniele Fowler-Reid… plus many more amazing netballers, including our own mighty NSW Swifts!

Make a night of it on Friday 6 February  – with all 10 teams featuring in each session you can see all your favourite netballers in one place on one night!

Session tickets are $10 for NSW Swifts Members and $15 for non-Members, however you better get in quick before the tournament sells out completely; get your tickets now to secure your seat and avoid disappointment!

Match-ups to see on Friday 6 Feb:
5:00pm-6:30pm – Vixens v Magic (Show Court) and Fever v Steel (Court 5)
6:30pm-8:00pm – Swifts v Mystics (Show Court) and Firebirds v Tactix (Court 5)
8:00pm-9:30pm – Pulse v Thunderbirds (Show Court)
View the full Summer Shootout Schedule

Check out a quick preview of all 10 ANZ Championship teams below to get yourself excited for the Summer Shootout!

HEAD COACH: Jane Woodlands-Thompson
2014 FINISH: 8th
PREMIERSHIPS: Two (2013, 2010)
2015 TEAM: Emily Beaton, Eboni Beckford-Chambers (ENG), Erin Bell, Nicola Gray, Renae Hallinan (c), Cody Lange, Samantha Poolman, Madeleine Proud, Kate Shimmin, Amy Steel, Georgie Virgo, Leigh Waddington (vc)
GAINS: Beckford-Chambers (Fever), Gray (Firebirds), Steel (Vixens), Virgo
LOSSES: Carla Borrego**, Rebecca Bulley (Firebirds), Andrea Gilmore, Laura Packard
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES*: Beckford-Chambers, Bell, Hallinan, Steel.
Read ANZ Championship’s 2015 preview here – **Borrego remains with the team as a training partner, read the preview for more.

HEAD COACH: Robyn Broughton
2014 FINISH: 6th
2015 TEAM: Ama Agbeze (ENG), Jessica Bourke, Jodi Brown, Katrina Grant (c), Joline Henry, Liana Leota, Hannah Poff, Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit, Elias Shadrock, Whitney Souness, Irene van Dyk, Ameliaranne Wells
GAINS: Bourke, Brown (Steel), Poff, Souness, Wells (Firebirds)
LOSSES: Katarina Cooper (Steel), Paula Griffen (Mystics), Gemma Hazeldine, Claire Kersten, Camilla Lees (Mystics), Donna Wilkins
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Agbeze, Brown, Grant, Henry, Leota, van Dyk, Wells.
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HEAD COACH: Simone McKinnis
2014 FINISH: 1st
PREMIERSHIPS: Two (2014, 2009)
2015 TEAM: Karyn Bailey, Tegan Caldwell, Bianca Chatfield (c), Carla Dziwoki, Emily Mannix, Kate Moloney, Geva Mentor (ENG), Madi Robinson, Alice Teague-Neeld, Chloe Watson, Liz Watson, Jo Weston
GAINS: Dziwoki (Swifts), Mannix, Teague-Neeld, C. Watson
LOSSES: Cath Cox, Erin Hoare (Swifts), Amy Steel (Thunderbirds), Caitlyn Nevins (nee Strachan – Firebirds)
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Caldwell, Chatfield, Mentor, Robinson.
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HEAD COACH: Rob Wright
2014 FINISH: 4th
2015 TEAM: Jade Clarke (ENG), Julie Corletto, Taylah Davies, Kimberlee Green, Paige Hadley, Erin Hoare, Sharni Layton, Abbey McCulloch, Susan Pettitt (nee Pratley), Caitlin Thwaites, Micaela Wilson, Stephanie Wood
GAINS: Clarke (Tactix), Corletto (Mystics), Davies, Hoare (Vixens), Wilson, Wood
LOSSES: Carla Dziwoki (Vixens), Maddie Hay, April Letton (Fever), Brooke Miller, Sonia Mkoloma, Gretel Tippett (Firebirds)
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Clarke, Corletto, Green, Hadley, Layton, Pettitt, Thwaites.
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HEAD COACH: Debbie Fuller
2014 FINISH: 7th
2015 TEAM: Elsa Brown, Katherine Coffin, Kayla Cullen, Temalisi Fakahokotau, Paula Griffen, Serena Guthrie (ENG), Laura Langman, Cathrine Latu, Camilla Lees, Nadia Loveday, Sulu Tone-Fitzpatrick, Maria Tutaia (c)
GAINS: Brown, Coffin (Magic), Griffen (Pulse), Guthrie, Lees (Pulse), Tone-Fitzpatrick
LOSSES: Julie Corletto (Swifts), Anna Harrison, Bailey Mes (Tactix), Erikana Pederson, Jodi Tod-Elliott, Elisapeta Toeava
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Cullen, Fakahokotau, Griffen, Guthrie, Langman, Latu, Lees, Tutaia.
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HEAD COACH: Roselee Jencke
2014 FINISH: 2nd
2015 TEAM: Romelda Aiken (JAM), Rebecca Bulley, Laura Clemesha, Laura Geitz (c), Beryl Friday, Clare McMeniman, Caitlyn Nevins (nee Strachan), Kim Ravaillion, Gabi Simpson, Verity Simmons, Gretel Tippett, Amorette Wild
GAINS: Bulley (Thunderbirds), Clemesha, Friday, Nevins (Vixens), Tippett (Swifts)
LOSSES: Nicola Gray (Thunderbirds), Demelza Fellowes (Tactix), Jacinta Messer, Stephanie Puopolo, Ameliaranne Wells (Pulse)
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Aiken, Bulley, Geitz, McMeniman, Ravaillion.
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HEAD COACH: Janine Southby
2014 FINISH: 5th
2015 TEAM: Katarina Cooper, Gina Crampton, Sophia Fenwick, Jhaniele Fowler-Reid (JAM), Shannon Francois (vc), Wendy Frew (c), Phoenix Karaka, Brooke Leaver, Stacey Peeters, Storm Purvis, Te Paea Selby-Rickit, Jane Watson
GAINS: Cooper (Pulse), Fenwick (Tactix), Leaver (Magic), Watson (Tactix)
LOSSES: Jodi Brown (Pulse), Phillipa Finch, Erena Mikaere (Fever), Rachel Rasmussen
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Cooper, Fowler-Reid, Francois, Karaka.
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HEAD COACH: Sue Hawkins
2014 FINISH: 10th
2015 TEAM: Demelza Fellowes (nee Clouds), Keshia Grant, Gemma Hazeldine, Mwai Kumwenda (MAW), Bailey Mes, Jessica Moulds, Erikana Pederson, Hayley Saunders, Louise Thayer, Anna Thompson (c), Zoe Walker, Chloe Williamson
GAINS: Fellowes (Firebirds), Hazeldine (Pulse), Mes (Mystics), Pederson (Mystics),
LOSSES: Jade Clarke (Swifts), Sophia Fenwick (Steel), Mackle (injury), Julianna Naoupu, Jane Watson (Steel)
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Fellowes, Grant, Kumwenda, Mes, Thompson.
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HEAD COACH: Julie Fitzgerald
2014 FINISH: 3rd
2015 TEAM: Asha Bower, Leana de Bruin, Ellen Halpenny, Jo Harten (ENG), Kelly Jury, Casey Kopua (c), Kristiana Manu’a, Malia Paseka, Jamie-Lee Price, Grace Rasmussen, Samantha Sinclair, Courtney Tairi, Jo Trip
GAINS: Bower, Jury, Manu’a
LOSSES: Katherine Coffin (Mystics), Brooke Leaver (Steel), Bessie Manu
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: de Bruin, Harten, Kopua, Rasmussen, Tairi.
Stay tuned to for WBOP Magic’s 2015 preview – coming soon.

HEAD COACH: Stacey Rosman
2014 FINISH: 9th
2015 TEAM: Caitlin Bassett (vc), Kate Beveridge, Ashleigh Brazill (c), Shae Brown (nee Bolton), Courtney Bruce, Ingrid Colyer, Josie Janz-Dawson, April Letton, Natalie Medhurst, Erena Mikaere, Kaylia Stanton, Khao Watts.
GAINS: Colyer, Letton (Swifts), Mikaere (Steel)
LOSSES: Eboni Beckford-Chambers (Thunderbirds), Chanel Gomes, Chelsea Pitman
INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: Bassett, Beveridge, Letton, Medhurst.
Stay tuned to for the Fever’s 2015 preview – coming soon.


The 2015 ANZ Championship Official Pre-Season Summer Shootout at Netball Central is a Sydney Olympic Park Authority Women’s Sport Festival Event.