Merry Swiftmas!

As the netball community celebrates Christmas today with their family and friends, here are some of the things our NSW Swifts will be hoping Santa has put under the tree…

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Lisa Beehag
1. New bodyboard
2. New bike helmet
3. That all our hard work and efforts provides the best platform for us to win the 2013 ANZ Championship

Susan Pratley
1. Apple TV
2. Tiffany’s Jewellery
3. Chocolate

Mo’onia Gerrard
1. Two-court Netball Stadium for Tonga

Carla Dziwoki
1. Would love to go for a horse ride somewhere beautiful with a group of friends; I’ve heard there are some nice rides through the Hunter Valley
2. 2013 ANZ Championship for the Swifts

April Letton
1. My two front teeth
2. Twilight DVD Box Set
3. Lady  Millionaire Perfume

Amorette Wild
1. Bicycle with a Basket on the front
2. Bike Helmet
3. New Handbag

Vanessa Ware
1. New clothes – a girl can never have too many outfit options!
2. Love and happiness for my family and friends

Melissa Tallent
1. Relaxing Holiday
2. Good Book
3. Never-ending supply of Mangoes – yum!

Kimberlee Green
1. Ian Thorpe’s Biography; ‘This is Me’
2. Clothes – always a must!
3. To meet Taylor Swift

Ashlee Weir
1. Love some new furniture for my new house
2. Perfume or Candles; they aren’t things you usually buy for yourself
3. New Bathers

Netball NSW and the NSW Swifts would like to wish our netball community a very Happy and Safe Festive Season.
The office of Netball NSW and the NSW Swifts will re-open on Monday 7 January 2013. We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy festive break.