Volunteers are the backbone of our sport

We continue celebrating National Volunteers Week with a special NSWSwiftsTV interview with Technical Assistant Coach Anita Keelan.

Keelan’s netball career spans two decades, with countless hours spent at the netball courts whether it be training, playing, or just watching for enjoyment.

But Keelan has a confession … she has another passion that burns just as brightly as netball. It’s not spending time with family – although admittedly a pastime she absolutely loves – but something that makes her family proud.

It’s Surf Lifesaving.

What began as early mornings taking her kids down to nippers on the weekend, Keelan joined a group of friends swimming to Shelley Beach in recent years.  Encouraged by a member of the Surf Club, the group went one step further.

“I really enjoy being part of the Manly Surf Club. A few years ago I decided to get my Bronze [Medallion] with a group of other old ladies and ever since then I’ve been patrolling Manly Beach, so it’s been a lot of fun,” Keelan said.

As part of her patrol duties, Keelan commits to 30 hours of patrolling a year which doesn’t sound like a lot but the coach admits can be difficult with work and family.  But she says at the end of the day it’s about giving to something you love.

“It’s like everything; when you get a lot of joy out of something it’s good to put back. As you’re volunteering you get a good feeling out of it as well – when you do something for other people, you do feel good about it.”

And Keelan is the first to voice her appreciation to the amazing volunteers that make up our netball community.

“Netball would not survive without volunteers. You can’t pay passion – you just can’t pay for that passion that people bring to something they love. Volunteers are vital, but it’s also really good for your health,” Keelan admits.

Watch the full interview with NSWSwiftsTV below:

In its 25th year, National Volunteer Week is being celebrated from Monday 12 to Sunday 18 May, and Netball NSW and the NSW Swifts are celebrating by recognising just a small number of dedicated and valued volunteers in our community.

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