With New South Wales catching netball fever after the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015, now is the time to come and have a go at netball or return to the sport if you’ve had some time away!

As the weather starts to heat up it’s a great time for some night-time netty! Take a look through the list below at Twilight Competitions on offer at Associations across New South Wales. PLUS, you can take advantage of a special one-off Membership Offer over the next couple of months:

Special One-Off Membership Offer
To further assist your return to netball, Netball NSW, in association with Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 and Netball Australia, has made available a special one-off Membership Offer, providing Senior and Junior category participants with a significant discount to their 2015 Netball NSW Membership fee (promotional discount only available during the period 17 August 2015 to 17 October 2015)

For more information on the below competitions, please contact the Association directly. Association contact details can be found here

Twilight Competitions

Sydney Metropolitan
Twilight Competitions2

Regional NSW
Twilight Regional comps 3