Important NetSetGO Updates

As we approach the beginning of another new season, Netball NSW would like to remind our affiliated Clubs and Associations of upcoming changes to Netball Australia’s introductory program, Suncorp NetSetGO.

Suncorp NetSetGO is a junior entry netball program, which provides children from 5 to 10 years with a positive introduction to netball, incorporating skill activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches.

Below are some important updates which Clubs and Associations should make themselves familiar with:

Last Day for Registrations in 2017

A Reminder to ensure all centres currently running NetSetGO programs that all registrations are to be completed online by Sunday 19 November, to ensure participants receive their NetSetGO pack. After this date no further 2017 packs will be ordered.

2018 Registrations for Under 10s

Moving forward, NetSetGO participants who are 9 turning 10 in 2018 (Under 10s) have two options to be registered for the 2018 season:

  1. NetSetGO Program: if a participant still has skills to learn or;
  2. Junior Competition: if the participant has mastered all the skills required to participate in a full rules competition.

Please note: any children between 5-9 years old in 2018 will continue to be registered as a NetSetGO Participant.

Introducing the new GO Tier

Netball Australia has announced the introduction of a new NetSetGO tier in 2018. The new ‘GO tier’ has been setup to provide a smooth transition into junior netball. With the introduction of the new tier, the recommended ages for each tier are as follows:

  • Net (5 – 6 Years): Learn netball related fundamental motor skills with fun music, dance and games.
  • Set (7 – 8 Years): Refinement of fundamental motor skills and introduction to modified netball matches.
  • GO (9 – 10 Years) NEW FOR 2018!: Be a part of modified netball matches with a focus on netball specific skills development to help with the transition into junior competitions.

To find out about the new ‘GO tier’ rules please head to the NetSetGO website. Please note that official ‘GO tier’ resources will not be available until early 2018; however, existing NetSetGO resources (including session plans) can be found HERE.

If you have questions or for more information, please contact Netball NSW Participation Coordinator Melanie Chapman on or by calling (02) 9951 5001 during business hours.