Over 30,000 Active Kids Registered

Netball New South Wales (NSW) families enjoy the benefit of the Active Kids, with over 30,000 vouchers redeemed towards netball for 2018.

Netball families across New South Wales have saved a combined $3m in registration costs thanks to the NSW Government’s Active Kids Voucher program.

Netball NSW CEO Carolyn Campbell said the program, which enables parents a $100 rebate off the cost of the sport, has been an enormous success with over 30,000 parents having claimed their voucher to register their children for netball.

“The Active Kids has had a huge response with over 30,000 parents registering with Netball clubs across the state,” said Campbell.

Netball NSW has seen this response across the whole State, with registrations occurring from Ocean Shores Netball Club in the North East to Murray Magpies Football & Netball Club in the far South West”

“The impressive and quick response shows how important programs like this are in supporting NSW families and sporting clubs alike”.

“The number of registration since the 31st of January has seen an impressive $3 million reinvested into grassroot netball communities across NSW to attract new members, improve facilities and provide opportunities for increased participation”.

“The State Government has taken a positive step forward in reducing participation barriers and enabling more children to enjoy being active and involved in team sports”.

On the 31st of January, the NSW Government released the Active Kids program, which entitles every school child aged from 4.5 – 18 years to redeem $100 off the cost of participating in sport outside of the school curriculum.

Since its short introduction, the Active Kids Rebate has proved to be a welcome financial offset for families within NSW.

The rebate has been implemented with an initial time frame of four years, which will, in turn, see the NSW Government allocate a total of $207 million dollars throughout this period.

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