Who can participate in ANZ NetSetGO!?

Anyone who is 5 – 10 years of age. The ANZ NetSetGO! program is suitable for both girls and boys. At this stage of their development, the physical attributes of both boys and girls are much closer than they become in later years.

Who runs ANZ NetSetGO!?

The program is coordinated by accredited ANZ NetSetGO! Centres. These can be clubs, associations, schools or community groups.

ANZ NetSetGO! is also run in Active After-school Communities as a modified program.

How do I register to participate in ANZ NetSetGO!?

You can register through your local ANZ NetSetGO! accredited centre. To find your local centre click here.

What are the benefits of ANZ NetSetGO!?

  • Each child receives a participant pack including a netball and other goodies
  • Children learn the fundamental motor skills for future physical activity and sports participation
  • Children develop self-motivation, self-responsibility, self-management, as well as a not winning at all costs attitude
  • Participate in a safe learning environment
  • Through specially arranged team activities, children learn important social skills, including cooperation and respect for others
  • Children have an opportunity to participate with their friends
  • Netball skills developed through modified matches using age appropriate equipment
  • Children benefit from greater levels of  confidence and self-awareness and improved health, fitness and overall well-being
  • Physically active children are more attentive, have a more efficient memory, enhanced creativity and better learning, and problem solving and attitude capabilities
  • Reduction of social health issues, such as childhood obesity, through physically active involvement
  • Increased junior participation and life-long involvement in an active lifestyle

How long does it run for?

The weekly session plan outlines a program over ten weeks but this can be modified if need be. Accredited ANZ NetSetGO! Centres have the flexibility to determine the duration of the program though we recommend that it runs for a eight to ten weeks. This enables schools to conduct the program within a term as well as associations/clubs to conduct the program alongside their other competitions.

What does it cost to participate in ANZ NetSetGO!?

The cost of the program can differ from state to state and centre to centre. Please contact the centre coordinator to obtain the price for that centre.

What does a participant receive for the registration fee?

The price of the program covers the program delivery, participant pack, and insurance through the National Risk Protection Program.

What do I wear when participating in ANZ NetSetGO!?

Suitable clothing – shirts, shorts/skirts sneakers. If outside, hats are recommended.

My child has never played netball before. Will they be able to keep up with the other children?

Yes. The ANZ NetSetGO! program is an introductory netball program and caters for all individuals no matter what their level of skill.

Can parents get involved?

Depending on the ANZ NetSetGO! Centre, however we recommend the more parents that assist, the better the program experience will be for everyone! You don’t need any prior experience in netball at all.

Why are ANZ NetSetGO! rules and equipment modified?

Sport for young people should be modified to suit their age, size and ability. That way, sport will be made more fun and children will be more enthusiastic.

NetSetGO! aims to:

  • Provide a fun and safe environment
  • Maximise participation, skill learning and development
  • Offer rules and equipment appropriate to the children involved
  • Involve appropriately accredited coaches
  • Provide a logical, sequential transition from introductory level through to competitions at clubs and/or schools