All ANZ NetSetGo 2016 Participant Packs will be ordered base on the information you provide for your ANZ NetSetGo programs when completing the Centre Registration process. When selecting your registration closing date, please ensure this date is set to allow processing and delivery time of equipment and packs in time for your program starting. Please follow the steps in the NetSetGo Centre Manual:

All registered NetSetGO participants receive a Size 4 Gilbert netball, an ANZ NetSetGO T-shirt and a participation medal. All participants registered within NSW also receive a NSW Swifts wristband.

NetSetGo 2015 participation packs

All participants receive a GILBERT netball as part of their Participant Pack. Please follow instructions below when inflating your netball.


  •  Pull the ball into shape to avoid piercing the bladder when inserting the needle
    •  Moisten the needle with glycerine, vegetable oil or soapy water and insert gently into the valve using a twisting motion
    •   Inflate ball using a hand pump or compressor  to the recommended PSI noted on the ball
    •   Children under the age of 12 should be supervised at all times when using a high pressure air compressor (in addition, always follow manufacturer’s instructions for use of electric compressors)
    •   Before each use the PSI should be checked to ensure optimum performance



2Ply balls – 6-8PSI (NetSetGO, Pulse & Supporter Balls)