Pathway Partners

Sparkle. Strive. Shine 

Netball NSW Performance and Pathways team has a vision to develop programs that lead the way in delivering positive experiences that challenge and inspire a drive to strive for success. 

To achieve this vision Netball NSW is excited to work with and support organisations that share the same vision and values. 

Netball NSW Pathways Partners have all demonstrated a commitment to: 

-Deliver positive experiences

-Increase focus on holistic development of athletes 

-Provide experiences that are driven by athlete readiness and are stage and age appropriate

-Focus on the long-term development of athletes 

-Create environments that are safe and inclusive 

-Increase athlete voice mechanisms

-Encourage connection to role models


Per4form Netball was co-founded by former NSW Swifts Captain Abbey McCulloch (Advanced Coach) and NSW representative Laura Towell (Intermediate) in 2019. 
Since its inception, Per4orm has delivered hundreds of high-quality programs across NSW to Associations, Clubs and individual athletes. 

Per4orm Netball provides and immersive netball experience for aspiring netballers with access to experiences, qualified, and passionate coaches. 

Our aim is to deliver positive experiences with a focus on holistic and long-term development. Within a safe and inclusive environment, we provide our community with engaging sessions, leading coaches, advice and feedback. player, and coach education as well as technical and tactical development. 

Per4form logo

SP Netball was founded by former Diamond Susan Pettitt in 2005, with the goal of reaching grassroot netballers far and wide, to pass on knowledge and skills to the next generation. 

During her career, Susan played 71 test matches for Australia a World Championship and three Commonwealth Games. She played 232 games for the Swifts and Giants between 2006 and 2018. 

Susan is an Advanced coach and through SP Netball provides a range of sessions from school holiday clinics, to positional Masterclasses and 1 on 1 sessions, available across NSW. 

SP Netball

Nettyheads was developed by former NSW players Natalie Hilder (Advanced) and Tiffany Gilmour (Intermediate) in 2018. Nettyheads provides a platform through coaching and mentoring programs, for young girls to shape their learning, enjoyment and love of sport. With the ultimate to produce capable netballers and quality people. Nettyheads provides indiviudalized netball coaching sessions and programs for players and teams. Nettyheads cater for all levels from beginner to advanced. Nettyheads are avid believers in sharing their passion so they have a Youtube channel for coaches and players that is accessible literally anywhere in the world!