Article supplied by The Centre for Sports Medicine 

Netball is a dynamic sport, demanding both physically and mentally, hence it is important to know what to do to recover from a full day of it.  Recovery means taking care of any injuries or soreness, refuelling, hydrating, resting and generally looking after yourself.

Firstly get any injuries seen to and then recovery can commence with a 10-minute ice bath followed by rehydration and refuelling.


Jessica Spendlove, Sports Dietitian at The Centre for Sports Medicine (TCFSM) recommends an immediate ‘recovery snack’ within 30 minutes of finishing your activity then a well-balanced meal.

This should contain 20g protein, 50-100g of carbohydrate and should be accompanied with 600ml of fluid. This is needed to begin the repair of muscle damage and commence replacing fluid lost through sweat. So the recovery snack could be:

  • Smoothie with muesli bar
  • Low fat milkshake with a piece of fruit
  • Greek yoghurt with muesli, fruit and yoghurt + fresh juice
  • Chicken and salad sandwich with fresh juice
  • Steak sandwich with a sports drink.

A recovery meal should then be consumed in a few hours after finishing the competition and should also include protein and carbohydrate. TCFSM recommends the following general guideline, a meal which is 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbohydrate and 1/3 salad/vegetable. Examples include:

  • Beef stir fry
  • Chicken burrito
  • Spaghetti bolognaise with side salad
  • Healthy homemade pizza
  • Fish taco

Hydrating means making sure you replace all the fluids that you have lost. The best way to calculate this is to weigh yourself at the beginning of your game day and at the end. The difference means you need to replenish by drinking 1.5 x your body weight lost.

Recovery practices sometimes can also include a 10-15 minute gently flush/recovery massage after your last game.

That evening be sure to have your recovery meal followed by 9 + hours sleep so you can rest and recuperate and recharge yourself for the next day.

The next day you should be back to your pre match weight. You need to rest physically and mentally so find some time with family and friends.

TCFSM recommends that you implement these recovery practices to bring you back to your best.

If you require further information or you would like to see TCFSM for your injuries and your recovery, we’re located at Netball Central in Sydney Olympic Park .